Robert Plant played a surprise set of Elvis covers at his ex-wife’s birthday party


Robert Plant played a surprise show for his ex-wife, Maureen Plant, on November 23. Robert sat in with a local band in Kidderminster, The Hayriders.

Plant joined the band for three Elvis Presley songs: “One Night With You,” “Little Sister” and “A Big Hunk O’ Love” to celebrate Maureen’s seventieth birthday.

You can watch “One Night With You” here:

And “Little Sister” here:

A video of “A Big Hunk O’ Love” can be watched in this album on Facebook.

The full performance was streamed live on Facebook, and you can watch it here:

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13 Comments on "Robert Plant played a surprise set of Elvis covers at his ex-wife’s birthday party"

  1. Great stuff ! RP could do an LP and vs tour of 50’s tunes (a la Honeydrippers) and I would go to every gig.

    Could be mistaken, but methinks RP’s sister is Allison Plant. “Maureen” was RP’s wife until 1982 or thereabouts.

  2. Robert’s voice still sounds as amazing as ever!!! Wish I could have been at that party, must have been a blast!

  3. Thatt wasn’t Robert Plant!!

  4. I was dying of sepsis and after the hospital and to ring in the New year it was LED Zeppelin and “Robert Plant,” (grew up) that I listened to while administering myself my long months of Vancomycin and strong antibiotics for an instraspinal abcess gone septic with bodily system shutting down at the hospital; but, that music helped me live with a little bit of Roger Waters edge of how a person should be loved in,”Wait for Her.”
    Thank you so much for your music and the soul you put into it. Loud and clear.

  5. He’s beyond a dream

  6. Wow that was awesome that ability to never be out of tune and bring songs to life and sung the way they were meant to be sung thank you Robert, I remember 1974 75 I was ten listening to my 8 track of led zepp I love all your songs but my favorite is the live version in New York the song is since I’ve been loving you. I can’t describe the feeling that I get. And watching page play is absolutely fantastic thanks again jim

  7. Just superb ! Memories of the brilliant Honeydrippers flood back.

  8. Honeydrippers all the way. Saw his gig in Cleveland many moons ago; great stuff.

  9. Keep on Rocking thats the key to staying young !!!

  10. Kathleen Jackson | 27th November 2018 at 2:00 am | Reply

    That was really cool ! He sounded awesome !

  11. It doesn’t get any cooler than this! Words cannot give proper credit to “THE MAN”! The inly thing cooler would to have been there in person.

  12. Yes indeed.After a lengthy SSS period,to me this actually brings so much relief.Only Robert can pull this off so brilliantly in a pub in Stourton,West Midlands. Respect to the Hayriders too,they……rock !

    You are are naughty ‘hound dog’ Robert,what with playing ‘ Little sister ‘ with Maureen (and presumably Shirley) in da house. What a boy !

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