John Paul Jones says he ‘can’t be arsed’ to make a new solo album


John Paul Jones has said in a new interview that he “can’t be arsed” to make a new solo album.

He told Mojo Magazine in its new December 2018 issue that he has no plans to release a new solo album, and is instead focusing on his upcoming opera.

When asked if he would make another solo album, Jones replied “No, no, no, I can’t be arsed.”

In the interview, Jones recalled the difficult experience of dealing with promoters during his tours to support his 1999 solo album “Zooma.”

“We toured the world, sold out shows, then promoters started insisting I get a bloody singer,” he said. “It was instrumental music, but I’m not Jeff Beck. I remember a promoter saying ‘We can’t grow it.’ Oh well, fuck you all.”

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1 Comment on "John Paul Jones says he ‘can’t be arsed’ to make a new solo album"

  1. The Saint of Zeppelin. The concert world doesn’t know what to do with instrumentalists . Never mind that the instrumental sets from Zeppelin were the foundation and soul of their live acts !
    Maybe for the best Zep ended when it did instead of becoming a “singing band”. Las Vegas has enough of those already.

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