Robert Plant ‘tried to steal the lamps from his dressing room’ after Led Zeppelin’s O2 reunion

(Channel 7)

Robert Plant tried to steal the lamps from his dressing room after Led Zeppelin’s 2007 reunion performance at the O2 Arena in London, drummer Jason Bonham has claimed in a new interview.

Bonham was interviewed by Mojo Magazine for its new December 2018 issue.

In the interview, Bonham recalls the scene in Plant’s dressing room after the show:

“I remember, afterwards, Robert trying to steal the lamps from his dressing room. He said, ‘I like these lamps, I’m having these!’ The Gallagher brothers were in there. Paul McCartney, dancing. The Edge. Oh my god, look who’s here!”

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7 Comments on "Robert Plant ‘tried to steal the lamps from his dressing room’ after Led Zeppelin’s O2 reunion"

  1. Gives new meaning to “In the Light”.

  2. Regardless of wealth, fame or stature….we are all pretty much the same

  3. Yes. I heard he once stole a harmonica from someone
    Oh yes Sonny Boy Williamson
    He’s a good humanitarian anyway.I love Robert. Have we all not five fingered something in the past.

  4. I wish I could spend time just 1 day, following, helping, anything. I think Robert Is so fascinating! My dream come true.

  5. Emilio Ramirez | 1st February 2019 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    So Junior could ‘t keep it to himself…lol

  6. R. Plant may have tried to grab a lamp but I did far worse: I stole a set of silver-ware from Japan Airlines. What’s the number to JAL’S help line?

  7. Plant could have cared less. just charge it to his bill.Like they did back in the states. lucky for them If Bonzo had been there then no room would be left to take anything except a pile of splinters. plant should have taken the carpet.hee-hee

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