Robert Plant paid tribute to John Bonham during a show in Arizona

(Channel 7)

Robert Plant dedicated a performance of “Good Times Bad Times” to John Bonham on September 19 and explained why he wasn’t available to attend a tribute event in Bonham’s home town of Redditch on September 22.

Before performing “Good Times Bad Times” in Tucson, Arizona, Plant said “I’ve got to tell you one… This weekend back in a little tiny town in Worcestershire in England, there’s a celebration of the life and the work of John Henry Bonham.”

“It’s unfortunate that I can’t be there because I keep doing this and I can’t stop it but I’m sending all my love to the Bonham family and all the people who’ve got together to help to create this great memory for John back in his home town.”

“We travelled together for many, many years, long before the gates opened and all that shit. So this one is for the memory of my great friend John.”

A video of Plant’s comments, filmed from the side of the stage, was shown at the tribute event on September 22.

Watch Plant’s tribute at the start of the video below:

Sculptor Mark Richards, who designed the tribute to Bonham in Redditch, recently shared photographs online showing Plant visiting the statue.

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8 Comments on "Robert Plant paid tribute to John Bonham during a show in Arizona"

  1. We were there.
    Five of us travel from the limits of Sonora Arizona Desert from Mexico.
    Raining the whole trip, was crowned with Rain Song that Plant interpreted beautiful
    It was an honor to be in that concert.

  2. Josemaria medina | 24th September 2018 at 2:41 am | Reply

    Great show!! I was wishing for “rain song” and then… boom!! A great gift on a rainy night thanks Robert!!
    I traveled all the way from hermosillo, mexico

  3. I know Robert, John and Jimmy would have been there if they could. What a great honor that I was able to be there and meet Deborah, Pat and Zoe. What wonderful people in Redditch, they captured my heart?

  4. Robert Plant is 1st class. The fact that John Bonham is still alivE and honored with Led Zeppelin is solely unprecidented. They’re all 1st and hands down the best band EVER.

  5. All night long was magical, and listening to Mr. Plant’s words when he dedicated “Good Times Bad Times” to his friend John Bonham, was the greatest moment of the show.
    Greetings from Hermosillo, México.

  6. Robert has always been one of my favorite artist. Led Zeppelin is and always will be my favorite band. They are by far a class act. On and off stage they have a respect for each other that deserves center stage. Well Dione Robert. Honors to the best drummer ever. ?

  7. Great singing there still on ‘Good times,Bad times’ Robert….pleased to hear the voice does indeed remain the same. Time to bring it on home now though – you know it.

  8. Great video of a rock icon that can never get old. Growing up as an aspiring rock drummer John Henry Bonham was and still is my mentor and my idol. The greatest rock drummer there ever was and it is great to see how his legacy lives on.RIP JHB

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