Footage of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Blueberry Hill’ show will be released online

Footage of Led Zeppelin performing in Los Angeles on September 4, 1970 will be released on YouTube on September 2 (Update: The footage will now be released on September 4).

The show is well-known among Led Zeppelin fans for being the source of the popular “Live On Blueberry Hill” bootleg recording, which takes its name from Led Zeppelin’s cover of “Blueberry Hill” by Fats Domino as their final encore.

John Waters, who previously released footage of Led Zeppelin performing in San Francisco on June 2, 1973, announced on Reddit that the footage of the “Blueberry Hill” show will be released on his YouTube channel “Finatic13”.

The footage was apparently filmed by Eddie Vincent, who last month released his photos of the “Blueberry Hill” show along with photos and a previously unheard audience audio recording of part of Led Zeppelin’s August 21, 1971 show in Los Angeles.

Waters posted a collection of still images of the footage on Reddit, one of which shows a runtime of 7 minutes and 39 seconds.

According to Waters, the footage will be uploaded in 2K resolution. “Will be looking at an upscale but overall I don’t think it really warrants it because of the swaths of darkness but it gives you an idea of the view the band had night after night, playing to the darkness and flashing camera bulbs,” Waters wrote on Reddit.

“Only the sprockets and edges will be cropped out, there is an amazing amount of image that was never shown by the projector film gate. The filmer himself was surprised at the amount of image he had never seen before,” he added.

According to Waters, songs featured in the footage are: “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” “Thank You,” “What Is And What Should Never Be,” the theremin solo, “Whole Lotta Love,” “Some Other Guy” and “Communication Breakdown.”

“I own the reels out of my own pocket and have covered all the post production along with another important guy. I’ve got a ton of great material in the vault, in the can and in the future that I freely share with the community,” Waters added.

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  1. Manuel Alfredo Escalante | 1st September 2022 at 5:37 am | Reply

    Led Zappelin the best Rock Group around the Wrold…period.!

  2. Will we EVER see an early on FULL VERSION of Immigrant Song?? Lord knows they performed it enough times that it has to have been filmed IN IT’S ENTIRETY at least ONCE!!

  3. I was there – ⚡👁️⚡

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