A new book highlights Led Zeppelin’s early shows in Denmark

A new book has been released in Denmark which includes many photographs by Jørgen Angel of Led Zeppelin’s early shows in Denmark.

The book, “Led Zeppelin: Danmark 1968-1970,” is only available in Danish, and it’s unclear if an English translation will be released.

Angel attended Led Zeppelin’s first live performance on September 7, 1968 in Denmark. His photographs from that show are iconic, and are used in the band’s upcoming official photo book.

However, this book focuses on Angel’s photographs of Led Zeppelin’s early shows in Denmark up to 1970.

Here’s the full book cover image:

As Jørgen Angel pointed out in the comments on this article, the book’s publisher can be contacted to purchase the book and arrange shipping. He can be contacted at: soeren@vangsgaards.dk

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5 Comments on "A new book highlights Led Zeppelin’s early shows in Denmark"

  1. Your link to buy leads to a company that does not ship.
    Write to the author and publisher of the book, he can help with shipping world wide:
    Luckyli the photos work without translation 😉

    Jørgen Angel

  2. Hi Jørgen, phantastic book, buy a copy today here in Denmark, like it very much, thank you :), stay here as a visitor on vacancies (Stege/Möen)..

  3. Hi Uwe,
    I am very happy that you like the book. Thank you for saying so.
    It sounds like you own a hotel or something in Stege?
    Jørgen Angel

  4. I just want to mention that a version in English is planned for next year. Or so I have heard.

  5. …no :), only for my own holidays 🙂 (sorry for confusion)

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