Led Zeppelin held a launch party for its new photo book


Led Zeppelin held an official launch party for its official photo book at the National Portrait Gallery in London on September 24.

Jimmy Page attended the event, but John Paul Jones and Robert Plant do not appear to have been in attendance.

Other attendees included Page’s girlfriend Scarlett Sabet, Page’s children, Led Zeppelin’s former tour manager Richard Cole, photographer Jørgen Angel, journalist Phil Alexander, and television presenter Johnny Vaughan,

The event featured a “Led Zeppelin” carpet:

Photos of all four band members were displayed


There was also a giant Led Zeppelin sign

Jimmy Page attended and posed for photos



Page also gave a speech at the event


See more photos of the evening here



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6 Comments on "Led Zeppelin held a launch party for its new photo book"

  1. Trippy !

  2. How can you have a launch party to celebrate the book and only Jimmy Page turns up.It makes me sad,sad,sad,this should have been attended by all and families members.To me ,it looks like they don’t want anything to do with each other.I will still be buying the book because i’m a eternal fan and i’m sick and tired of R.P with his snide remarks with anything to do with Led Zeppelin,don’t think it’s going un-noticed that 70% of your solo shows are zep tracks…total disrespect to your past.

  3. Have to agree with you Bernie. Robert currently in Texas on his never-ending SSS tour,sadly he missed Bonzo’s (what would have been 70th bash) in Redditch on Saturday too. Robert has done his best to distance himself from Jimmy for years,and poor JPJ just shuffles along busying himself. All a bit sad,waste really,but think we may see all three members doing some more 50th anniversary promotional duties once Robert has finished his never-ending solo/ SSS tour.

  4. Have to agree with you Bernie

  5. Well said Bernie.

  6. What hapoened to the new live music Jimmy promised this year? I hope that wasn’t the remaster of the remaster of the remaster of the special edition of TSRTS and HTWWW

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