Gibson announced a $50,000 replica of Jimmy Page’s double neck guitar

Jimmy Page double neck

Gibson has announced a $50,000 replica of Jimmy Page’s Gibson EDS-1275 double neck guitar, the first product to be revealed from a new “multi-year partnership” between the guitar maker and Page.

The guitar, which is available to order through Gibson’s website for $49,999, is limited to 50 copies that are all signed and played by Page.

“Made in close collaboration and with significant input from Jimmy Page, this very special Collector’s Edition replication uses new 3D scanning technology and ultra-precise Murphy Lab aging techniques to aid in hand-crafting an effective clone of Jimmy Page’s original guitar. Every single detail has been thoughtfully replicated, from the exact playing wear to the sonic character,” according to Gibson’s website.

“Only 50 Collector’s Edition replications have been created by the expert luthiers of the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, Tennessee, and artfully aged to match the original by the Murphy Lab as part of this extraordinary Collector’s Edition run honoring both the guitar and the legendary guitarist who first made it famous, Jimmy Page,” the Gibson website continues.

Each guitar includes:

  • A ZOSO hardshell case
  • A Certificate of Authenticity Book with photo taken by Barrie Wentzell
  • A wooden Pick Display with Herco® Flex pick played by Jimmy Page on the specific serialized guitar
  • A Premium Cherry/Black Leather Strap & Vintage Replica Strap
  • Schaller Strap Locks
  • An Embroidered Dragon Guitar Shroud
  • A Gibson Doubleneck Stand

Employees from the US instrument maker visited Page’s London home to see his original double neck in person. “I remember vividly,” Gibson CEO Cesar Gueikian said in February, according to Guitar World. “As we walked into your house, you had the case on the floor and you handed it to me – and then later you said, ‘No Stairway to Heaven!’”

Jimmy Page has signed a new partnership with Gibson

The new partnership between Page and Gibson was announced on February 22 when the Led Zeppelin guitarist opened Gibson’s new London shop alongside Brian May and Tony Iommi.

Jimmy Page Gibson London
Jimmy Page cutting the ribbon at Gibson’s new guitar shop in London on February 22, 2024 (Dave Hogan)

It’s expected that further replicas of Page’s guitars will be released as part of the partnership, likely including his “Number One” and “Number Two” 1959 Gibson Les Pauls.

The partnership is a coup for Gibson which has faced years of upheaval including filing for bankruptcy in 2018 because of debts of between $100 million and $500 million.

The company’s CEO and president James Curleigh left the business on May 2, 2023 and was replaced by Gueikian as interim CEO. The company announced in July 2023 that Gueikian had been made permanent CEO.

Gibson has spent recent years involved in legal disputes, including a multimillion-dollar trademark lawsuit against Dean Guitars that it won in 2022. However, Gibson only received $4,000 in damages rather than the $7 million it had been seeking. Another trademark dispute with Heritage Guitars was dropped by Gibson last year following a settlement.

Gibson failed in a legal battle against German guitar maker Warwick after it claimed the company had copied its Flying V guitar model. Gibson was initially successful in the case but subsequent rulings from Germany’s Higher Regional Court and the Federal Supreme Court in 2020 and 2021 respectively dismissed Gibson’s claims.

Jimmy Page’s previous replica guitars

Page originally launched a line of Signature $6,300 Gibson Les Paul replicas with the company in 1995 and worked with the company again in 2004 on a set of signature “Number One” 1959 Les Paul Custom Shop guitars.

Those 2004 Custom Shop replica guitars including 26 guitars aged and then played and signed by Page that sold for $23,669, as well as 150 aged guitars that sold for $16,556 and some more affordable non-aged guitars sold for $9,401.

In 2006, Gibson announced a signature line of 250 double neck replicas that were released in 2007. Page kept the first replica for himself and played numbers 2 to 26, with number 11 sold at a charity auction.

In 2008, Page and Gibson announced a Custom Shop replica of Page’s 1960 “Black Beauty” Les Paul Custom guitar that was stolen in 1970 and was only recovered recently. That guitar was released as 25 guitars signed by Page along with two more affordable models.

In 2009, Page and Gibson released a Gibson Custom Shop replica of Page’s “Number Two” 1959 Les Paul that was limited to 325 guitars including 25 guitars signed and played by Page and aged along with 100 aged guitars and 200 more affordable guitars.

More recently, Gibson’s Custom Shop has sold a $7,999 version of the EDS-1275 double neck guitar.

There are claims online that Page was unhappy with the quality of the initial replica guitars in 1995 and took legal action against Gibson to stop their production, but LedZepNews has been unable to find evidence of this.

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