Jimmy Page’s website has shed new light on the early days of Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page published a new “On This Day” entry on his official website on September 25 which mentioned the fiftieth anniversary of Led Zeppelin and showed some interesting information about the band’s first recordings.

Page’s website is updated every day with an entry that relates to that day in history, or a new announcement. The pages aren’t archived, and it’s rare for a new entry to be published.

Page’s new entry includes a worksheet from Rak Music Management in September 1968 which shows the dates and locations of Led Zeppelin’s early rehearsals and the first recording sessions for their debut album.

Here’s the text displayed on Page’s website:

“The inception of the epic Led Zeppelin I

So we’re in the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin, and on this day on 25th September 1968 heralds the inception of the epic Led Zeppelin I album: the moment whereby I would be able to manifest the sounds and layers I had heard in my head and also prove my status as a producer.

The group went to Studio No.1, Olympic Studios, 117 Church Road, Barnes, London, SW13, having extensively rehearsed the material for Led Zeppelin I at my house in Pangbourne and we had had the opportunity to perform a good percentage of that material during a few concerts in Scandinavia and the UK to experience our music in a live situation under the clandestine cloak of the Yardbirds. In those days, the studio time was scattered and limited over a few days in September and October, dictated by Olympic’s availability.

Thus, with the aid of my old friend Glyn John’s masterful engineering, at 11pm on Wednesday 25th September 1968, we began our recordings and embarked upon committing this eclectic powerhouse to tape.

Much has been speculated about the initial recordings, so I thought it would be useful to show the worksheet from RAK that gives the dates and times that we were scheduled initially to go in. It makes fascinating reading.”

And here are images of how the site appeared, and the worksheet:

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16 Comments on "Jimmy Page’s website has shed new light on the early days of Led Zeppelin"

  1. To me I love this info what and where wa s I doing it was 8 days after the Detroit Tigers won the American League pennant I was there that night in Tigers that was great but the start of LZ was great!,, the same feeling I get

  2. Thanks for the info. It seems Page has a clear view of the band’s future from the beginning. Awesome info, thanks!

  3. Thanks for the info. It seems Page has a clear view of the band’s future from the beginning. Awesome info, thanks!

  4. Wonder if he will ever release any solo stuff as promised for years

  5. Tom Santa Barbara | 26th September 2018 at 6:42 pm | Reply

    Thank you Mr Page. You have been great to your fans over the years and enjoyed your shows in LA (technically the Fourm Inglewood) 74 and 76 its great to see the rest of the world but you at number 1 You are are Electric Rock and Roll

  6. Changed ,Rock and Roll as we knew it..50 YEARS.

  7. Have played Led Sep every day for 50 years! Thanks for that!

  8. Have played Led Zeppelin every day for 50 years! Thanks for that!

  9. The Greatest Rock Band of all Time… Thank You !

  10. love ya jimmy,,,i turn 50 this year also and the party is gonna be all zep!!!

  11. I find this information fascinating… Does anybody find it odd that September 25th was also the day the John Bonham passed away?

  12. Jimmy Page best guitar player ever for originality! Thanks man I’m still learning your songs on guitar!

  13. Led Zeppelin enhanced my teenage years and to my surprise I’m 53 and still can’t put it down. Robert, Jimmy, John Bonham and John Paul Jones were the most talented in their fields. Jimmy I could listen to your guitar to the end of time. Suzanne Phelps

  14. Jim, I just wanted to say “thank you” for 50 years of the best music out there (but I’m sure you already know that). One more thing, the thank you song was my wedding song. Thanks again.

  15. Oh, one more thing, to a great musician…..going through my cancer crap & my chemo crap, Zeppelin music makes it all better. And that’s the truth. Love ya

  16. Jimmy, your music has a way of relieving our burdens for a while. I get lost in the music and dreams begin again. Thank you for every single thing you do. So many of us adore you and your timeless work. My very favorite thing to watch, believe it or not, is you playing the Chopin. Mesmerizing.

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