Is the official Led Zeppelin documentary called ‘Apollo’?

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The upcoming official documentary about the formation of Led Zeppelin could be called “Apollo.”

Last May, Led Zeppelin announced that the surviving band members have been interviewed for an official documentary about the formation of the band which is due to be released in 2020.

Since then, no new information about the project has emerged.

However, LedZepNews has seen a submission to a film festival which refers to the film as having the title “Apollo.”

The film is listed as having a runtime of two hours and 27 minutes. It says it’s a mixture of black and white and colour footage, with new footage shot in 4K on Arri Alexa cameras.

And a filmmaker’s CV seen by LedZepNews says they worked on a feature-length documentary titled “Apollo” which is being made by Paradise Pictures, the British film company run by Allison McGourty, a producer and writer of the new Led Zeppelin documentary.

The CV says the crew member operated an Arri Alexa camera on “Apollo,” the same type of camera listed in the film festival submission.

“Apollo” could be a working title – a temporary title used during production.

However, “Apollo” could also be a fitting final title for the film, which covers the careers of the band members through the sixties and ends in 1970, months after the release of Led Zeppelin’s second album.

NASA’s Apollo program began in 1960 and led to the 1969 moon landing which took place in the same year that Led Zeppelin’s first two albums were released.

Apollo is also the Greek god of music and poetry – a fitting namesake for a documentary about Led Zeppelin.

And as Tim Slade pointed out on Facebook, Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song record label used an image of Apollo for its logo.

There’s another interesting Led Zeppelin link to the Apollo program: The band’s 1999 and 2000 “Early Days” and “Latter Days” greatest hits releases both had cover art which depicted the members of Led Zeppelin wearing Apollo astronaut space suits.

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