Jimmy Page is releasing an affordable edition of his new Anthology book

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Jimmy Page will released a standard, unsigned version of his new book in September, LedZepNews has learned.

“Jimmy Page: The Anthology” covers Page’s career and features photographs of his guitars and stage outfits.

Currently, the book is only available as a signed limited edition, although we reported last month that shipping has been halted due to a lockdown in Italy.

However, it looks like a more affordable, mass market version of the book is going to be released.

Online book listings show a $60/£39.60 version of “Jimmy Page: The Anthology” will be released on September 8.

This edition of the book has not yet been officially announced by Page or publisher Genesis Publications.

However, it makes sense that a cheaper version of the Anthology is on the way.

Jimmy Page’s self-titled coffee table book which was originally released as a signed edition in 2010 was then made available as a mass market edition in 2014.

You can see the Amazon UK listing for “Jimmy Page: The Anthology” here, along with the Barnes & Noble listing here.

Both listings give a length of 400 pages for the book, the same as the limited edition version.

However, they describe the mass market version as being a 70,000 word text. The limited edition version is listed as being 60,000 words long on the Genesis Publication website.

Here’s the current cover art for the mass market version:

Jimmy Page Anthology
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4 Comments on "Jimmy Page is releasing an affordable edition of his new Anthology book"

  1. I didn’t much like the new cover for this book than the cover art on the more expensive version that shows part of his stage costume jacket.

  2. Ralph Bennett | 4th May 2020 at 9:02 am | Reply

    Agreed, current cover will not sell the book! Why no Led Paul, why an acoustic on top… it doesn’t fit..and we all are aware of Jimmy’s Led Zep symbol. Guessing the cover is from publisher but Jimmy’s face must be on there somewhere. Even a current pic- he looks great. They will fix it and it will be amazing.

  3. It should have been affordable in the first place. Shame on Mr. “Led Wallet”

  4. Ugh. Stiff shoulders. Stiff.

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