Robbie Williams has denied having a feud with Jimmy Page

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Robbie Williams, Jimmy Page’s neighbour who has been engaged in a long-running dispute with Page over a planning application, has denied being involved in a feud with him.

The dispute began in January 2015 when Page objected to Williams’ planning application for renovations to his home. He claimed the building works could damage his own house.

Since then, the pair have criticised each other in media interviews. Williams finally gained approval to carry out the works in December 2018.

Asked about the dispute in a new interview with SiriusXM, Williams said:

I want to build a basement in my house because it’s a really sound investment idea and the right honourable Jimmy Page doesn’t want me to do that. I think he thinks it’s going to damage his house and I can promise him it’s not. Here’s the thing: Jimmy Page lives next door.

The host then mentioned a hoax which began in January 2019 when an online claim that Williams had been taunting Page by dressing up as Robert Plant went viral:

OK, here’s what happened. Somebody left a comment underneath a news article saying that I’m a neighbour and I’ve seen Robbie Williams dressed as Robert Plant with a pillow underneath his T-shirt, blasting out Robert Plant songs and Black Sabbath songs. And the newspapers, in their infinite wisdom, knew that this was a joke but printed it as it was true. Whether it’s true or false, it doesn’t matter. If it bleeds, it leads. So they put it in. Now listen, I thought that story was hilarious so I didn’t mind that being out there at all. Alas, it’s not true.

The host then asked Williams if he’s feuding with Page. “No I’m not,” Williams replied, “I’m not feuding with anybody these days.”

You can watch that section of the interview below:

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2 Comments on "Robbie Williams has denied having a feud with Jimmy Page"

  1. Sean Andrew Heaney | 18th March 2020 at 4:56 pm | Reply

    JP Should Erase This Bit, & Petition PJ Harvey To Do An Album Together, With Scarlet Page Photographing The Sessions!

  2. Lol the Robert Plant imitator sounds funny, but please don’t waste Jimmy’s time as he is finishing up the “next year” project and is starting on the 2022 remasters

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