Jimmy Page attended Paul Rodgers’ show at the Royal Albert Hall

(Facebook/Paul Rodgers Official)

Jimmy Page was photographed backstage at Paul Rodgers’ show at the Royal Albert Hall in London on May 28.

Rodgers posted a photograph of himself backstage with Page and Queen guitarist Brian May.

Page’s girlfriend, poet Scarlett Sabet, posted a photograph on Instagram showing herself and Page as well as Rodgers and his wife Cynthia Kereluk.


Another photo posted to Twitter showed May with his wife Anita Dobson, Kereluk and Rodgers, Page and Sabet, and Rodgers’ daughter Jasmine Rodgers.

And fans posted photographs on Instagram showing themselves backstage with Page.

One Twitter user, Ed Morris, photographed Page and Sabet arriving at the Royal Albert Hall before the show.

This isn’t the first Led Zeppelin member to drop in on Rodgers’ current tour. Robert Plant and former AC/DC singer Brian Johnson made a surprise appearance on stage at Rodgers’ show in Oxford on May 14 when they joined Rodgers to perform a cover of “Money.”

Rodgers posted a photograph on Facebook showing himself backstage with Plant and Johnson.

And there’s another Led Zeppelin connection to Rodgers’ tour: His support act is Deborah Bonham, sister of John Bonham.

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2 Comments on "Jimmy Page attended Paul Rodgers’ show at the Royal Albert Hall"

  1. wow…. plant sings at the show, but the ladies and bff’s are backstage sans Plant. Wow.
    Love is strange.

  2. Nicely done! This share is kikn booty. Paul forever strong but, Brian was a real close second! Robert is in his own league.
    B-radley, CA

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