Robert Plant spoke on stage at the final weekend of Hay Festival

Robert Plant attended Hay Festival in the UK on June 3 and June 4, where he spoke on stage and posed for a photograph with some other famous faces.

Plant spoke on stage at 5.30pm UK time on June 4 alongside author Kent Nerburn and Andrew O’Hagan. The panel was about Nerburn’s book “Neither Wolf Nor Dog.”

Here’s the full description of the talk via the Hay Festival website:

This special event marks the UK launch of Kent Nerburn’s award-winning work of creative non-fiction depicting the epic and intensely moving journey he made over 20 years ago with a Native American elder named Dan. Musician Robert Plant picked up a copy of Neither Wolf Nor Dog whilst touring the States in 2014 and his passion for this masterpiece has led to its publication here in Britain.

The talk was filmed, and it’s available to stream or download for £2 from the Hay Festival’s website.

One fan took a photo with Plant after he talked on stage.

And Plant was also photographed holding a copy of The Amorist Magazine.

A Facebook post from Nerburn shows that Plant spent June 1 in Wales with Nerburn, singer Deborah Rose, and Nerburn’s wife Louise Mengelkoch.

Author Ian Rankin’s PR representative Angela McMahon tweeted this photograph of the author speaking to Plant at the festival on June 3:

Rankin later tweeted that he had a “nice chat” with Plant.

And Creations Records cofounder Alan McGee posted this photograph to Instagram showing himself (on the right) with Plant, screenwriter Frank Cottrell-Boyce, and Rankin.

This isn’t the first time that Rankin has been photographed with a member of Led Zeppelin. He also posed for a photograph with Jimmy Page during a literary event in Belfast in September 2016.

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