Previously unseen photographs of Led Zeppelin in Germany are published in a new book

Previously unseen photographs of Led Zeppelin on stage and off stage in Germany have been published in a new book by German photographer Ulrich Handl.

The on-stage photographs, some of which we have been able to publish here for the first time, were taken on March 8, 1970. Handl has now published a book of his photographs which is titled “The Last Great Discovery in Rock ‘n’ Roll – Ulrich Handl Photographer” and is selling prints through his website.

Handl’s publisher Justin Barwick told LedZepNews some of the backstory for the photographs and Handl’s life. “His love of photography began at a concert by The Shadows when he saw how his friend Axel Krüger got close to the band with his camera at the Circus Krone-Bau in Munich,” Barwick said. “Ulrich decided he wanted that too.”

(Ulrich Handl)

“His father bought him a Praktika camera with 3 lenses and later he got a 2nd camera so he could swap between close-up shots and distance. For years he attended all the big shows with his cameras and never had to buy a ticket. He became known by the security guards and management as he was often already there at soundcheck, even for artists such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, The Who, and of course, Led Zeppelin.”

(Ulrich Handl)

The photographs of Led Zeppelin on stage in Germay were taken at Circus Krone-Bau on March 8, 1970.

Handl was contacted by a journalist who told him that a famous German football player had been seen in a bar called Edith’s. We’re unsure of the exact date of these photographs, but Twitter user LemarPage says they’re likely to be from 1973.

(Ulrich Handl)

Handl went to the bar and found that the members of Led Zeppelin were there with manager Peter Grant as well as some groupies.

(Ulrich Handl)

Seven photographs from that performance and the afterparty in Edith’s bar have been published in Handl’s new book. You can purchase “The Last Great Discovery in Rock ‘n’ Roll – Ulrich Handl Photographer” through Handl’s website.

(Ulrich Handl)

Thanks to LED ZEPPELIN – ALL ACCESS administrator CJ Jacheo for bringing these photographs to our attention.

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6 Comments on "Previously unseen photographs of Led Zeppelin in Germany are published in a new book"

  1. Nothing like seeing something “new”. Many thanks to Justin and Ulrich himself for bringing these great shot “In the Light” so to speak…. awesome to now have a little backstory to go along with them thanks to LZ News!

  2. Excellent.

  3. they had the starving artist look in 1970 — look how skinny Jimmy was…life on the road I guess….am surprised to see the Les Paul in ’70, thats rare… JPP was mostly playing a tele back in the early days

  4. Ralph Bennett | 6th August 2020 at 7:00 am | Reply

    Best pic of Page and absolute worst pic of Bonzo… love the live photos!

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