John Paul Jones performed at a small music festival in Norway


John Paul Jones visited the Norwegian town of Vadsø where he performed as part of the Sun Station Vadsø music festival through June 24.

Jones has played several small shows, as well as an on-stage performance as part of a new band named Snoweye and two larger shows on June 23 and June 24.

Jones jammed with musicians on June 21, according to posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s Jones playing with Jason Victor from The Dream Syndicate:

On June 22 Jones performed with Howe Gelb in Vadsø’s library:

That evening, Jones performed as part of a new musical project named “Snoweye” with Elle Márjá Eira and Lucy Parnell.

Jones was interviewed by Norwegian television station NRK about the music festival and Snoweye, and also filmed rehearsing with the band.

“It’s very elemental,” Jones said about the festival. “You can feel your roots. It touches something quite deep down.”

“Everybody collaborated with everybody else,” Jones told NRK. “People play on each other’s music and we write stuff when we’re up here. It’s good fun.”

NRK also published an article about Snoweye which included some extra quotes from Jones. It’s in Norwegian, though.

Watch a clip of their performance on June 23 here:

And here are some photographs of the performance that were posted on Instagram:

Jones also gave an interview to local Norwegian publication iFinnmark about the festival with fellow Snoweye member Elle Márjá Eira. However, it’s behind a paywall and in Norwegian so we have no idea what he said. If you’re able to help us out, please get in touch!

On the evening of June 23, Jones performed as part of the first main Sun Station Vadsø show.

Here’s a photograph of Jones (on the left) soundchecking during the day:

And here are some photographs of Jones on stage that night:

He performed again on June 24:

We’ll keep this article updated over the weekend as Jones appears at the music festival.

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