Robert Plant appeared on ‘The One Show’ and performed a song from his new album

(BBC Television)

Robert Plant appeared on “The One Show” on BBC television on October 11 and performed “The May Queen” from his upcoming solo album “Carry Fire.”

Plant’s performance on the show has been uploaded to YouTube:

Plant appeared on the show and was interviewed about his new album. He sat next to former cricket player Andrew Flintoff.

(BBC Television)

The show surprised Plant by interviewing the other members of his local football team in Kidderminster and asking them about Plant’s football abilities.

(BBC Television)

You can watch the interview with Plant here:

Here’s a video of Plant and his band performing “The May Queen” earlier on October 11 during their soundcheck:

People passing by the BBC posted a video and photos online showing Plant and his band’s soundcheck and the stage setup. Plant’s Twitter account also posted a photo:

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