Jimmy Page gave a talk at the Oxford Union about his career


Jimmy Page spoke at the Oxford Union on October 23 and talked about his career in music. You can see a video of the full talk at the bottom of this post, and our full transcript here.

The Oxford Union tweeted photos of Page’s talk along with short quotes from it:






And attendees shared photos on social media:





The Oxford Union published a video of the full talk on its YouTube channel:

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5 Comments on "Jimmy Page gave a talk at the Oxford Union about his career"

  1. Jadwiga Petrykiewicz | 24th October 2017 at 5:41 am | Reply

    Outstanding photos. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  2. WoW! Would love to have been there! He is such a gracious and down to earth master, willing to share his life with others who are genuinely interested in music. Fantastic photos and the excitement he brings is actually palpable!
    Love Jimmy Page.

  3. Amazing, would love to of met him

  4. The Riff Pontiff

  5. Fabulous…& great photos. Absolutely loved Led Zep since I was 14. Saw them 1970 & 1975..brilliant decade for music

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