Robert Plant talked about the death of his son Karac in a clip from his upcoming TV interview

(YouTube/AXS TV)

Robert Plant spoke about the death of his son Karac in a since-deleted clip from his upcoming March 13 interview with Dan Rather on AXS TV.

Karac died aged five of a stomach virus on July 26, 1977 while Plant was on tour with Led Zeppelin in the US.

Plant said that the song “All My Love,” which he wrote about Karac after his death, “was just paying tribute to the joy that he gave us as a family and, in a crazy way, still does occasionally.”

“His mother and I often… the memory gets … changes, the contrast and the focus changes as time goes on. It’s a long time ago that we lost him. 40 years ago.”

“And we were blessed with another boy who came along about two years later and the two images are blurred. The definition between Karac and Logan is … it’s a tough one to chip through the two things but he was a little nature boy, you know? He was a mountain man.”

Rather asked Plant how he got through the death of his son. “Well it wasn’t easy,” Plant said, “especially in the light of the fact that there’s the whole hysteria that surrounded the mid to late seventies. It was anything but conducive to normal family life.”

“But we pulled tight together and both my wife and I, we had strong families so … and good support, I mean, John Bonham from Zeppelin and his wife Pat, they were magnificent with us and helped us a lot. And we lived pretty close together, a long way from London. So we were kind of local people.”

“I wrote another song about him called ‘I Believe’ which was on an album in 1992 and every now and again he turns up in songs for no other reason than I miss him a lot.”

Rather than asked what advice Plant would give to someone who was experiencing grief.

“Well, as you say, it’s such an individual phenomena or just piece of real bad luck and I don’t know how many people have been in the public eye to such a garish degree.”

“I know other guys who do what I do who have lost kids and because we’re kind of public property, in a way, our conditions and our luck and our bad luck and our whole circumstances are there for public discussion. That’s how it works, you know? So when it’s tough, it’s really tough.”

“I would just say there’s no advice, just love everything around you as much as you can.”

Plant also said that ‘Kashmir’ is one of his favourite Led Zeppelin songs

“Well, it was a great achievement,” Plant said when asked if “Kasmir” is his favourite Led Zeppelin song, “to take such a monstrously dramatic musical piece and find a lyric that was ambiguous enough and a delivery which would not over-pumped.”

“It almost was like the antithesis of the music was this kind of lyric and this vocal delivery that was just about enough to get in there, you know.”

Rather asked Plant if “Kashmir” is indeed his personal all-time favourite Led Zeppelin song.

“Well, I mean there was such a variety of songs that I guess I would have to go along,” Plant said. “Today I would have to say yes.”

“Tomorrow maybe something else?” Rather asked.

“Yeah, exactly,” Plant replied.

The full episode of “The Big Interview with Dan Rather” will air on AXS TV at 9pm ET on March 13. The episode is the first of the show’s sixth season.

The show had been scheduled to be aired on February 27, but AXS TV announced on January 18 that it had been delayed to March 13.

The press release for the rescheduled show includes a brief summary of the topics that Plant discusses:

“During the intimate discussion, Plant opens up about his childhood in post-WWII Britain and the tragic loss of his five-year-old son; shares his thoughts on Led Zeppelin standards ‘Kashmir’ and ‘Stairway To Heaven’; and explains how he has adapted his trademark vocals throughout the years.”


Another clip from the upcoming episode is included in the start of AXS TV’s 2018 teaser video on YouTube. “If one looked up sex, drugs, and rock and roll … probably a picture of Led Zeppelin,” Rather says in the video. “That’s very kind of you,” Plant replies.

Here are three more clips of the upcoming episode:

Plant posed for promotional photos to advertise the upcoming show:

(YouTube/AXS TV)

Here’s the trailer for the new season of the show:

Here’s the schedule for the upcoming sixth series of “The Big Interview with Dan Rather”:

March 13 – Robert Plant

March 20 – Robby Krieger and John Densmore from The Doors

March 27 – Eddie Money

April 3 – Shania Twain

April 10 – Billy Ray Cyrus

April 17 – STYX

April 24 – John Mellencamp

May 1 – The Oak Ridge Boys

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20 Comments on "Robert Plant talked about the death of his son Karac in a clip from his upcoming TV interview"

  1. God Bless You Always, Sweet Robert Plant! You have always been my favorite in music, man….I have also had my problems in life,I was in a motorcycle accident in 1979, in hospital for a year & 3 months learning to walk, talk, everything all over again….& yes, I died……I love you, Robert Plant…..since back in the 70″s I’ve loved you…..God Bless You & Yours Always, Sweet Man……You are always in my heart…….

  2. Carlos Garcia | 9th March 2018 at 10:57 pm | Reply

    One of the best performer in music history…#rockandroll

  3. Led zeplin best band ever l grew up in the 70s

  4. My hat off to you Robert….You have always been a vital part of my life with LED ZEPPELIN… I bought Pictures At Eleven as soon as it came out……damn do I love Slow Dancer….another Kashmir to me, which is a good thing…..Please contact me, I have tried for years to reach you…I would like to ask to cowrite with you….I have material right up your alley….Hank Love

  5. Eric Wildermuth | 12th March 2018 at 5:14 pm | Reply

    My first and favorite band, forever <3

  6. Teresa Cooper | 12th March 2018 at 5:43 pm | Reply

    Robert Plant is the best singer to ever walk this planet with his gracefulness and his style of music. I just love all the things he has done with his career He is absolutely amazing!!!! He is so very creative, and clever and crafty!! Just love the creative sound that he creates no matter where he goes!!!

  7. Such a BEAUTIFUL SOUL, and since I was a very young teenager, when I first heard you sing with Zeppelin, nothing has ever “remained the same” ??☮️?✝️

  8. …it seems amazing that in late middle age, here we are, still honoring one of my teen idols. Longevity is probably not something you consider as part of your music but legendary maybe is. And here we have it…….Robert and all you guys are legends. And may this legend never end.

  9. David Robinson | 3rd May 2020 at 9:49 pm | Reply

    Stumbled across this one during the 2020 COVID-19 crisis along with many other cool shows. A lot of Zep. I recall when I was about 14 my mom bought me this portable 8 track player that opened sort of like a suitcase. She bought me half dozen tapes to play. I recall one was called Electric Latin love. And also one by Led Zepplin. The immigrant song was my introduction to Led Zepplin. The opening notes, chords and vocals still ring clearly in my mind. Da dum da da diddle, da dum da da dittle, da dum da da dittle, da dum da da, ah uh ahhh uh!

  10. Gary Watkins | 17th May 2020 at 8:33 pm | Reply

    No words can possibly begin to describe how you’ve changed this world in away that no body else ever will. And was with your grace and your walk that you captured our hearts and this world is and forever blessed by them both. Kashmir is a painting called the book of revelation in the new testament. You’ve given us hope. Thank you.

  11. Gary Watkins | 17th May 2020 at 8:40 pm | Reply

    No words can possibly begin to describe how you’ve changed this world in away that no body else ever will. T’was with your grace and your walk that you captured our hearts and this world is and will be forever blessed by them both. Kashmir is a painting called the book of revelation in the new testament. You’ve given us hope. Thank you.

  12. You can model yourself after many things, people mostly I guess… although you can never walk in their shoes, leaving the same footprint is a good measure of accomplishment… what a divine spirited human being… none better

  13. Ronald James Leder | 31st January 2021 at 1:44 pm | Reply

    You and LZ’s progression and evolution of your music, lyrics, songwriting, style and sound is most profoundly captured in this ITTOD album, and my favorite song forever All My Love. I have a son Ronny and think of him along with Karac every time I hear it. And I can hear you in the vocals, Jimmy in the guitar, JPJ in the bass & keyboard, and JB on the drums. A brilliant and genius song at your peak, prime and end. You are heavenly and meant to be. Forever Fan Ronald Leder, Tampa FL

  14. It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled …I miss those days.Everything was new everything was an adventure.First kiss first car ride first concert first broken heart….

  15. Richard Gardner | 19th January 2022 at 10:16 pm | Reply

    First LZ song I ever heard was Dancing Days I knew I loved you guys immediately Eventually I heard all your music 🎵 THE BEST BAND EVER .During times of sadness you could always bring me joy Love Ya

  16. Trudie Mitchell | 24th June 2022 at 10:04 pm | Reply

    Whole lotta love ❤…the lemon is definitely squeezed man…

  17. I love Robert for his music and his connection to people he is present and he has a soul. He leave a little bit of himself with his audience that never goes away. He is beautiful inside and out you feel it.

  18. Much respect, love, and condolenses Sir.
    You never get over your loss.
    You learn to live with it.
    I know……
    Thank you for making our lives so rich witb music.


  19. Robert I’ve loved you & Led Zeppelin since I first heard about you guys in 1973. Sadly I missed your concert here in Rochester NY by 2 years. I love all of your lyrics & Jimmy’s amazing music. There will never be another band like Led Zeppelin.
    I finally had the chance to see Zeppelin in 1977 my mom surprised me with tickets to Rich Stadium in Buffalo. I still to this day don’t know how my mom was able to get those tickets. I was so excited. A few days later we took a small vacation & I was shocked on our way home to hear about Karac. Me & my now husband were devastated for you. We couldn’t believe your beautiful boy was gone. We’re so sorry. Of course the concert was cancelled & the next time my boyfriend at the time now my husband was trying again to get tickets in 1980 to see Zeppelin at Rich Stadium & sadly that’s when we learned John Bonham died. We were once again heartbroken. We love that you never tried to replace John Bonham.
    We loved your solo stuff & were finally able to see you. It was a fantastic show. We also saw Jimmy on tour by himself & with The Firm. We finally saw you & Page together in several locations. We also saw you with Allison Kraus & your music was beautiful. I never thought in a million years I would get close to you but me & my girlfriend made it to the stage at CMAC & you held my hand. I love you Robert & Led Zeppelin you were my go to band in my teens & still now in my 60s. You were my youth & I want to thank you. God Bless you & Led Zeppelin and your son Karac & the mighty John Bonham.

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