Robert Plant talked about karaoke on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’

(YouTube/The Late Late Show with James Corden)

Robert Plant appeared on an episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on March 1. US readers can watch the full episode here.

Several clips from the show have been posted to YouTube. One clip shows Plant being interviewed by Corden about a time he did karaoke in China:

Corden asked Plant whether he had ever done karaoke. “I have two or three times,” Plant replied. “It’s a dastardly trick. When Britain handed back Hong Kong to the Chinese after 99 years of nicking all the gear out of there and sending it back to England, I went out there with my son.”

“And the night before we took the plane back to London we said ‘let’s go out and have some fun! Fun!’ So we went to a karaoke night and the options were … I wanted to sing, and I’d had too much to drink, so I thought ABBA? No. Aerosmith? Oh no, that wasn’t on the thing, no. And there was Elvis. So I said OK, I’ll put my name down and a bloke from Taiwan put his name down for Elvis.”

“So we were competing. So I’m doing all my bit, you know, a man of a certain age. ‘Treat me like a fool!’ But the sad thing was it was all Chinese folk in there and even though Taiwan is a taboo place for communist Chinese people to even think about, I was neck and neck with this guy but all the time the Chinese were going for the Taiwanese guy. And I was really, really good!”

The other guest, Camila Morrone, chipped in: “Not to toot your own horn!”

“No, no,” Plant replied, “I’m always tooting my own horn. Who’s going to do it better than me?”

Another clip of the interview with Plant has been uploaded here:

Another clip shows Plant and his band performing “New World…” from his latest solo album Carry Fire.

Plan is also featured in these clips of the show:

Plant also posted a photograph of his band rehearsing for the show on Instagram:

And his Instagram story featured the sign on the handle of Plant’s dressing room:


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