Here’s another sign that Robert Plant’s new album is called ‘Carry Fire’

Robert Plant is almost ready to release his new solo album — and LedZepNews has spotted another sign that the album is going to be called “Carry Fire.”

Author Andrew O’Hagan said on stage at Hay Festival in the UK on June 4 that Plant’s album would be called “Carry Fire” and would be released in October. Plant was also on stage at the time. LedZepNews saw the introduction by O’Hagan in the full video of Plant’s on-stage interview, which can be downloaded or streamed from the Hay Festival website for £2.

We decided to snoop around the website of Plant’s record label, Nonesuch Records, to see if “Carry Fire” was hidden anywhere on the site. Funnily enough, if you type in the URL for the album, you get taken to this page:

(Nonesuch Records)

This isn’t the normal page that appears for albums that don’t exist. Type in anything else and you get taken to a page that looks like this:

(Nonesuch Records)

So Nonesuch Records’ website suggests that a page for “Carry Fire” exists — but we can’t see it yet.

On June 17 Plant did a photoshoot for the album with photographer Mads Perch. Two photos of Plant at the photoshoot were posted to Instagram and later deleted.

Plant’s website has been replaced with two pages featuring vague hints at a new album. “Any time now…” was displayed on the homepage of Plant’s website from April 11 to July 5.

Plant was asked about the “Any time now…” message on his website during a BBC Radio 5 live interview that was broadcast on June 5. Presenter Sarah Brett ended the interview by asking Plant what the message meant. Did it mean that new music was on the way? “My dear, of course,” Plant replied. “What else would there be but more new, beautiful adventures?”

Another message that read “Away With Words” was shown from July 5 onwards.

(Robert Plant)

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7 Comments on "Here’s another sign that Robert Plant’s new album is called ‘Carry Fire’"

  1. Gyula Sasvári | 8th August 2017 at 7:23 pm | Reply

    It’s always good news to hear that Robert is ready to release a new album. I can hardly wait to listen to it ?

  2. Marianne Kristensen | 8th August 2017 at 8:17 pm | Reply

    I will look forward to his new release. I got all his solo albums. The one I like the best is Lullaby. That record really grew on me. It took a few listens before I got to like it. Great work Robert.

  3. 37 years after the demise of Led Zeppelin Robert Plant has proven to be the true workhorse and lover of music for Led Zeppelin.

    Not counting the 2 albums with Jimmy Page (No Quarter-Unledded & Walking into Clarksdale) ; Robert has recorded 8 solo albums, 1 album with Honeydrippers, 2 albums with Strange Sensation, 1 Album with Alison Krauss, 1 album with Band of Joy, and 1 regular album and 13 live albums with Sensational Space Shifters.
    Additionally Robert has guested on 15 different tracks with artists such as Buddy Miller, Primal Scream, Afro Sound System, Big Town Playboys, Band O Gold, Alfie Boe. Looking forward to what he claimed would be his last album.

    Meanwhile somewhere in the darkest depths of Mordor, Jimmy dusts his double-neck and pines for the good ol days, and John Paul Jones gets lost writing a ghost opera.

    • Well, Jen, that’s one way of looking at it. On the other hand, I prefer to see it like this: JPJ has worked with R.E.M., Peter Gabriel, Foo Fighters, Jars of Clay, Lenny Kravitz, Cinderella, Paul McCartney, Heart, a tribute album to Syd Barrett, Deep Purple, and Iron Maiden, Queen, among many others. He formed Them Crooked Vultures, put out an album and had a successful world wide tour. He also put out a very successful solo album. As for Jimmy, he joined Yes members Chris Squire and Alan White to form tge short lived XYZ, played with The Honeydrippers, Graham Nash and Stephen Stills, formed The Firm with Paul Rodgers, put out his own solo album, Outrider, teamed up with David Cloverdale, as well as Robert Plant and The Black Crowes. He crossed boundaries playing with various rap artists, he starred in the movie It Might Get Loud with The Edge and Jack White, received a Doctorate from Berklee College of Music, played an uncountable number of charity gigs with Clapton and Beck, members of the Stones and Who, etc. Oh, amd he preserved the entire Zeppelin collection and re-released it. Anhhow, I’d say Jones and Page habe been just as busy and, frankly, much less arrogant than Plant, whom I love by the way.

  4. Awesome!!! I can hardly wait to listen to it. Never too old to rock’n roll!!!!

  5. Loved Lullaby….Embrace another fall is just another amazing song sung by Robert and Julie Murphy. Thanks Robert have every album been to every tour and really looking forward to new music. Keep Rocking my friend

  6. So… AWay With Words – I know how the W in ‘away’ is capitalised to suggest a talent for writing words, but could this also be read as “Away with Words” and mean Plant’s gonna put out an instrumental record? 😉 😀

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