Robert Plant’s new album may be called ‘Carry Fire’ and could be released in October

Robert Plant performing with The Sensational Space Shifters (Flickr/Paul Hudson)

Robert Plant is preparing to release his new album, and author Andrew O’Hagan seems to have announced the title and release date during Plant’s on-stage interview at Hay Festival on June 4.

O’Hagan introduced Plant by saying that “his next album, ‘Carry Fire,’ will be out in October.”

“Carry Fire” is, interestingly, a snippet of the lyrics from Plant’s 2005 song “Dancing In Heaven” from his Mighty ReArranger album.

Here’s the verse from that song where the lyrics come from:

Bringing peace to the valley,
Carry fire through the oaks and the grove.
Precious memory carry,
As we move through the circles and stones.

LedZepNews saw the introduction by O’Hagan in the full video of Plant’s on-stage interview, which can be downloaded or streamed from the Hay Festival website for £2.

On June 17 Plant did a photoshoot for his new album with photographer Mads Perch.

Plant has been teasing the release of his new album through the “Any time now…” message that has been displayed on the homepage of his website since April 11.

Plant was asked about the message on his website during a BBC Radio 5 live interview that was broadcast on June 5. Presenter Sarah Brett ended the interview by asking Plant what the message means. Does it mean that new music is coming? “My dear, of course,” Plant replied. “What else would there be but more new, beautiful adventures?”

Back in April we explained everything we know about Plant’s upcoming album, including where it was recorded and the musicians who feature on it.

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4 Comments on "Robert Plant’s new album may be called ‘Carry Fire’ and could be released in October"

  1. Ansiosa de escuchar!!!!!!! Y que siga produciendo geniooooo!!!!!!! I loveeeee Robert!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. STEVE THOMAS | 18th June 2017 at 9:00 pm | Reply

    Yes another one is coming!

  3. Hopefully another go around in the states,ever onward…

  4. it’s either that good or that poor. most nonesuch releases have at least a teaser track or some info to read prior to release. this secretive game is no longer amusing.

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