Here’s the cover of the new book about Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant

The cover of an upcoming biography of Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant has been published online.

“Bring It On Home” is scheduled to be released on October 16, and will have 384 pages.

Here’s the book’s description from Amazon:

Bring it on Home is a celebration, a cautionary tale and a compelling human drama.

Written with the full co-operation of the Grant family and with access to Grant’s private correspondence, business contracts and photographs, this biography features interviews with the three surviving members of Led Zeppelin, and examines Grant’s remarkably close (and some suggest unhealthy) relationship with Jimmy Page, his troubled relationship with Robert Plant and his great friendship with the late drummer John Bonham. Stories about how Grant intimidated the producers of The Song Remains the Same and the drug-related excess surrounding Swan Song Records and Grant’s relationship with John Bindon and his extended coterie of Kings Road criminals are told with great candour, while the details of a plot to kidnap Led Zeppelin’s band members’ children by Jamaican gangsters are revealed for the first time.

It also tells the dramatic and bleakly humorous family story of how Grant’s estranged wife, and two children, Helen and Warren, dealt with this unusual and often tumultuous life. Warren Grant discusses, with unflinching honesty, an often-dangerous adolescence spent with a drug-addicted father, surrounded by groupies and dealers, in a house filled with shotguns.

The narrative also features walk-on parts from Bob Dylan, Stanley Kubrick, Freddie Mercury, Elizabeth Taylor, Keith Moon, Elvis Presley, Elvis’s father Vernon and Pope John XIII.

As Warren Grant says now: ‘My dad knew everyone’.

Author Mark Blake has previously written books about Queen and Pink Floyd, and has written for Q, Mojo, The Times, Classic Rock Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, and Rolling Stone.

The book is available to purchase for £20 from Amazon.

Here’s the book cover, which features a photograph of Grant taken by Ross Halfin:

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