2 previously unheard soundboard tracks of Led Zeppelin performing in Japan in 1971 have been released


Japanese bootleg label Empress Valley has released two new tracks from a soundboard recording of Led Zeppelin performing in Osaka, Japan on September 29, 1971. The show was previously available as an audience recording, but now a total of three soundboard tracks have been released.

The bootleg label released “Stairway To Heaven” from the Osaka show, and you can hear the track here. The single is being released in five different covers, and all come in a special envelope.

Empress Valley also released “Friends” from the same show, and you can hear it here (merged with the existing audience recording). However, that CD isn’t for sale, and instead can be redeemed by posting or presenting the envelope that the previously released “Immigrant Song” was released in.

Empress Valley released “Immigrant Song” from Led Zeppelin’s September 29, 1971 Osaka, Japan show in February.

The CD was limited to 100 copies, and there were five different covers available to purchase. Each copy came in an envelope which conceals the artwork inside.

Japanese Twitter user yuminori0616 posted photographs showing the packaging of the bootleg single:

And here are all of the packaging variants for the release:

Another Twitter account, LLX2774, posted photos of the envelope that the release came in:

And they also shared a photo of the disc itself:

That release follows Empress Valley’s July 2016 release of the soundboard recording of “Black Dog” from the previous night of the tour, September 28, 1971, also in Osaka, Japan.


That song was included as a bonus disc on the label’s release of Led Zeppelin’s September 23, 1971 show. It was later released as a standalone CD single in three different sleeves, but no other tracks from the soundboard recording of the show have been released since then.

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  1. Black dog was awesome done in Japan †❤?

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