Robert Plant is selling an official ‘Nurses Do It Better’ T-shirt through his website

Robert Plant’s website has been updated to include a new T-shirt — the same “Nurses Do It Better!” light blue T-shirt that he wore on stage for Led Zeppelin’s “Day On The Green” performances on July 23 and July 24, 1977.

The T-shirt is available to pre-order now, but will go on sale on June 18.

The front of the T-shirt features the original “Nurses Do It Better!” design:

And the back of the T-shirt features Plant’s feather symbol from Led Zeppelin’s fourth album:

Plant is also selling another retro T-shirt through his website: A shirt that features the “Heaven Knows” design from the 1988 single from Plant’s solo album “Now And Zen.” This shirt will also be released on June 18:

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  1. Adriene stucin | 6th December 2023 at 1:44 am | Reply

    I want the picture of robert plant wearing the nurses do it better t shirt on a t shirt. Can you do this?

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