Robert Plant has a new drummer — but it’s only temporary

(YouTube/Drum Quest)

Robert Plant’s band, The Sensational Space Shifters, has a new temporary drummer. John Blease has joined the band until the end of June to fill in for regular drummer Dave Smith.

Blease said on Instagram that he’s filling in for Smith for the next six weeks, including Plant’s upcoming US tour.

A promotional video released earlier this month showed Blease rehearsing with Plant and his band before the band’s Bath Festivals show on May 27.

Blease first performed with Plant’s band at their performance at the Bearded Theory Spring Gathering on May 26. It looks likely that he’ll be with the band until their performance at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival in Canada on June 29.

Before joining Plant’s band, Blease worked with Goldie, Seal, and Goldfrapp.

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2 Comments on "Robert Plant has a new drummer — but it’s only temporary"

  1. Goldfrapp? Why not recruit Charlie and see if things can get turned around? If you get my drift…..

  2. Just what we all were hoping for….. “A Hoot”. :-/

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