Boleskine House has been added to a list of buildings at risk in Scotland

(YouTube/Dana Varahi)

Boleskine House, the house in Scotland formerly owned by Jimmy Page, has been placed on Historic Environment Scotland’s Buildings at Risk Register.

The Herald reported that Boleskine House had been placed on the list, and Historic Environment Scotland confirmed the news in a statement.

“Boleskin House was added to the Buildings at Risk Register as it is now at high risk following fire damage and exposure,” the organisation said in a statement. “Inclusion on the Register highlights that this is an interesting and unique structure that we are at risk of losing altogether.”

Photographs of Boleskine House on the organisation’s website show signs of vandalism.

Page purchased Boleskine House in 1970 but rarely lived in the property. Page became interested in the house due to one of its previous owners, Thelema founder Aleister Crowley.

The property is no longer owned by Page after he sold it in 1992. On December 23, 2015, a fire broke out in the property which destroyed a large part of the home. It has been vacant ever since, and its condition is listed as “ruinous” on the Historic Environment Scotland website.

YouTube videos show the current state of the property following the fire in 2015:

Older footage on YouTube showed the property before it was burned down:

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