Director Peter Clifton who worked on ‘The Song Remains The Same’ has reportedly died

(YouTube/David Silva)

Peter Clifton, the Australian director who worked on Led Zeppelin’s 1976 film “The Song Remains The Same,” has reportedly died.

Clifton took over editing “The Song Remains The Same” in 1974 after the film’s original director, Joe Massot, was fired by the band.

Clifton realised that key pieces of the footage for the film were missing and decided to recreate the live performances at Shepperton Studios in order to complete the film.

Led Zeppelin fell out with Clifton when the band’s manager Peter Grant suspected that Clifton had stolen negatives of the film. Grant ordered that his house be searched, but the only footage found was kept by Clifton to give as a gift to the band members. The director was invited to the film’s New York and London premieres, unlike Massot.

In later life, Clifton worked with The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Beach Boys, Jim Morrison, and Supertramp.

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