Robert Plant said ‘it’s always been a disappointment’ that people ‘missed the point’ of Led Zeppelin


Robert Plant said in a new interview that it’s a “disappointment” that many people “missed the point” of Led Zeppelin.

Plant gave an interview to WFUV to promote his new solo album “Carry Fire.” During the interview, host Paul Cavalconte mentioned that Led Zeppelin’s reputation is for hard rock, but the band actually had many songs that didn’t fit that template.

“It’s always been a disappointment,” Plant said. “Whenever, these days, the three of us meet up, it’s often a time where we go ‘yeah, maybe everybody missed the point.’ They got some kind of point, but they didn’t get all the point.”

Plant gave two examples of Led Zeppelin tracks that didn’t fit the reputation of hard rock: “Friends” and “Four Sticks.”

“Funnily enough there’s a good bootleg out of Page and I playing in Bombay with a small orchestra doing ‘Friends’ and ‘Four Sticks’ and something else,” Plant said. “It’s pretty good — very funny. It was all going well until I got the brandy out and then the session collapsed.”

Recordings of Led Zeppelin performing “Friends” and “Four Sticks” were eventually released on the remastered version of “Coda” in 2015.

You can listen to the full interview on the WFUV website.

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11 Comments on "Robert Plant said ‘it’s always been a disappointment’ that people ‘missed the point’ of Led Zeppelin"

  1. That’s what I’ve all away told people about Led Zeppelin. They’ve always been so diverse in their approach to music. If you take apart 3 it got all you could ask for Rock Folk and Blues with a little bit of fun on the way “Out on the Tiles” always makes me smile.

  2. Donna Carlisle | 31st October 2017 at 3:56 am | Reply

    I agree that people did not fully get Led Zeppelin. Hearing them be introduced as a heavy metal rock band always use to bug me , because I certainly knew the difference. Versatility was a given with Zep But heavy metal??? I just wish that Robert and Jimmy were coming to College Station, Tx. We are all getting on in age, just still young at heart. Much Love-❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Zeppelin’s core group of fans would disagree with Robert’s assessment (hopefully to his pleasure). I’ve never considered them simply a hard rock group. Hot Dog, Going to California, Boogie with Stu and so many more! Maybe the name and the look said hard rock in concert but pick a few mellow tracks and take an evening row on the water will relax every tingle you may have.

  4. As a card-carrying, dues-paying LZ fan (for well over 40 years), I will tell you that my favorite out of their studio albums is Led Zeppelin III. True LZ fans know — and appreciate — the experimental cuts, especially those that got little or no air play. Example: Hats Off to Roy Harper (brilliant slide guitar). I got them and always did. ZOSO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, LZ III is my stranded-on-an-island album. These guys were the soundtrack, not just of my youth but my entire life. At 62, I long ago squeezed the brain-chemical rewards out of every great rock band of my generation, but Plant & Page’s songs still resonate across half a century. Songs like “Tangerine,” “That’s the Way” and “Gallows Pole” will live on in my soul when I leave this life. Even today, these tunes touch me in a way no other sounds can. Like sonic “comfort food.”

  6. Steven G Johnson | 1st November 2017 at 7:54 pm | Reply

    I’m certain those of us who not only listened to Zeppelin quite frequently but injected their music into their souls “get” Led Zeppelin. Their versatility is among the greatest of all bands in any era. Robert Plant is a wordsmith, poet of his time by any standard. And, although there may be perhaps better guitarists,nobody was able to work the magick of guitar layers upon layers the way Jimmy Page had done. I’d submit Kashmir and Over The Hills & Far Away as solid examples. His acoustic senses were also impeccable and rare air. Don’t buy it? Just look at the sheet music.

    Jonesy was likely more of a backbone than few would give him credit. His bass was more than finely worked. But his contributions with mandolins (Battle of Evermoreĺ and variant keyboard sets and other orchestral vibes (The Rain Song) were insanely perfect.

    I consider Bonzo among the uniquely styled, elite drummers of the greatest era in music history (modern.) You could argue he might have been nearly incapable of soft shod at all (Fool in the Rain) – and they certainly had to compromise in their attemps to capture the Caribbean feel of D’yer Maker. Even so, he had his signature as much as any drummer.

    Led Zeppelin releases are indeed among ghe most versatile of collection sense this alleged age of hard rock or heavy metal came about. It’s soulful & soaring. I that’s where some might have missed the point. You feel it – deep in your plums and in the regions of writhing.

  7. Cynthia Pudrith | 2nd November 2017 at 1:44 am | Reply

    Robert Plant is so into himself does he really think a true Zeppelin fan since the beginning didn’t get them? I don’t get him, I’m not going to do it anymore, then he does because most of solo stuff is crap. I get friends and thank you and think the rain song after song remains the same is a beautiful but Robert playing prima donna with fans is cruel and I have no use for him after Coda>> The END of him. You hurt your fans and your band Jason wanted to tour his Dad would have been proud.

  8. I just lost my WHOLE comment ???? I cannot believe this?? … ohh well, it was awesome ?
    I stated the I DID GET THESE GUYS since way back in 1972 (I was 14 yrs. old). I also had some wonderful stories that I have read & watched interviews, over the years about their spiritual mind, body, souls?
    Also, for me, music ? especially Zepplin’s was my SPIRITUAL HEALER, since the eomb☮️? ? ?
    And I’m so happy that the boys are ENJOYING their live, today, doing what they want to & enjoying life☮️
    families, friends, sports, etc. I watch interviews & more ? and I see that you, “Plantie l”, have taken up football with your friends ?⚽️ and their comments regarding you, as their friend… how you are in the field, at the bar, etc., are funny, and they enjoy YOU, and your personality ??
    You, LED Zeppelin, have brought peace, love, joy & wonderful talent to the world ? and I thank you ?
    Here is a whick memory of mine? back in 1972 ( I was 14 yrs. old), lived in Philadelphia at the time and listened to a radio station named WMMR?? and they were giving away a Led Zeppelin tee shirt to the (some number caller), well I WON (and usually never won anything) I was sooooo ESTATIC, happy & told all of my girlfriends ? I received the tee and never forget it was beige, in color, with the Zeppelin & Led Zeppelin logo on the ???☮️✝️? I wore that tee, PROUDLY, until it just was falling apart, over the many years or use? than I made some patches for my jeans ?…and was the happiest kid because never winning, I won the BEST BAND TEE, EVER? That was a memory I just had to share??
    Thank you, LED Zeppelin & all of you boys for the beautiful music ?, over the years & for helping us teenagers, and young adults have music to heal us from whatever tradegies that life threw at us because it HELPED ??? GOD BLESS YOU & continue on all of your own spiritual journeys ? maybe, one day, I will get to meet one of you and sit & chat over tea ?? until than…. live, laugh, love & Be Happy
    Elaine McHugh

  9. Always a Zep fan. No matter what people think. They were superb. Unique band.
    That generation of our music will never happen again. 70s was best.
    Why knock them at all? They brought joy to world. Who gives a rat’s ass what style music they played. They experimented as a band needs to. And after Bonham died, it was over. They had to be totally broken hearted. Miss this band! The Who, Stones, Tull, and more. All great bands. My era.

  10. I was listening to Led Zeppelin & their mastery of their music since the first album. I was a kid ! I felt like I was hit by an emotional Hurricane. The media * Critics “ didn’t get the fact that they played every song different ( live ) My early teens were shaped by The the emotionally Diverse music that I felt was made for everyone. Hats off to the Best Band That changed That
    Changed * Genres “ Can’t say enough but Love & Best regards to you all .

  11. The era of John Paul Jones , Bonzo , Robert Plant and Jimmy Page was ripe for Led Zeppelin. They shaped my life for the better . This was during The Vietnam war , Racial Riots . Hats off to Led Zeppelin and the bright Light that they shared in a Dark
    Time . Much love and Respect….

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