Mastering engineer John Davis said he’s working on Led Zeppelin music again

(YouTube/Music Producers Guild)

John Davis, the mastering engineer who worked with Jimmy Page on the Led Zeppelin remasters, said in a since-deleted Facebook post on October 24 that he has returned to working on Led Zeppelin music.

Here’s a screenshot we took of Davis’ Facebook post:

(Facebook/John Davis)

Davis deleted the Facebook post on October 25 after LedZepNews published it on Twitter.

The photograph Davis shared is of Jimmy Page performing live in Detroit on January 31, 1975. It’s unclear if the photograph is related to whatever Davis is working on.

This isn’t the first time Davis has shared too much online

In January 2014 Davis was interviewed about the Led Zeppelin remasters and mentioned previously unheard tracks. The interview was deleted shortly after it was published.

Davis spoke about working with Page on the Led Zeppelin remasters last year after he won Mastering Engineer of the Year Award at the 2016 Music Producers Guild Awards.

“Nowadays, with social media and stuff, it’s a real difficult thing to either promote stuff or keep quiet about stuff. So with Jimmy I just keep really quiet about it.”

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16 Comments on "Mastering engineer John Davis said he’s working on Led Zeppelin music again"

  1. Hopefully it’s something to do with the Earls Court gigs in ‘75

  2. Lavorare con i leggendari Led Zeppelin è il massimo ,hanno fatto la storia del rock.I più grandi in assoluto

  3. I hope it’s the complete Earls Court concert.

  4. Karen Joanna Warwick | 26th October 2017 at 10:46 am | Reply

    I would really love to see The Firm Concerts on DVD would be wonderful

  5. Personally i would like to see a live package containing numbers they only did live and never recorded in studio

  6. I would love to see something put together with Jimmy, Robert, John and Jason. There are so many songs that would be top contenders! Fabulous would be an understatement!

  7. I would like a live compilation of songs from every tour from 1968 to 1980. I mean, we have heard bootlegs of all of this, but to hear them mastered for official release would be amazing.

  8. I hope that he is doing the complete Earls Court concert because I was there.

  9. Let’s see a remastered DVD set all on Blu Ray with that new audio tracking multi channel sound that REM & INXS are using for their new box sets coming out next month???

  10. led zeppelin as a live band is over,if you want to hear live led zep songs,you have to see robert plant perform ‘karaoke’ versions in his setlist,personally i can’t watch it with ‘the poor mans version’ of jimmy page next to him.But hopefully some complete led zeppelin shows will surface from each era 1970[blueberry hill]/1975[earls court]/1977/1980

  11. If its a live recording then PLEASE mix in some ambient recording from the hall and crowd noise. Zep gigs were events, and pure soundboard recordings never capture the spirit of the event.

  12. I watched Earls Court on the net fabulous

  13. Roy JOHN Watson | 9th March 2021 at 10:47 pm | Reply

    still waiting for news

  14. Probably the entire soundboard of blueberry hill.

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