Robert Plant said he was only ‘minorly’ involved in the new Led Zeppelin documentary film

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Robert Plant has distanced himself from the upcoming authorised documentary film about Led Zeppelin, telling Vanity Fair in a new interview that he was only “minorly” involved in its production.

When asked by interviewer Lisa Robinson whether he was involved in “Becoming Led Zeppelin,” Plant replied “minorly.”

“I’m fully aware of all this, but it’s really hard to get romantic about it—despite the fact that it changed my life and allowed me to mature and to move through the sphere. I’m not very good at reminiscing,” he continued.

In a separate interview with Variety, Plant also said that it’s “very odd … to see a group of people try to bring some perspective to it now,” adding “I’m not sure it’s not just too vast to be solarized and polarized like that.”

How involved was Robert Plant in the film?

Plant may now be claiming he’s only “minorly” involved in the film, but he sat for new filmed interviews alongside Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones for the film in 2018, as revealed in the official announcement of the film in 2019.

Allison McGourty, the film’s producer and screenwriter, touched on Plant’s reaction to the film’s production during a press conference in September: “Robert said to us early on as well, he said ‘I don’t know how you’re going to be able to tell this story because Peter Grant didn’t allow people to film the concerts and we didn’t do any media interviews so what are you going to do? How are you going to tell this?’”

Plant also discussed the film in a recent interview with Mojo Magazine for the cover story of its December 2021 issue.

“I don’t remember a thing,” Plant joked, “and had to get my copy of ‘Hammer Of The Gods’ out and read up on it.”

Plant is the only surviving member of Led Zeppelin not to have promoted the film before its release. Page travelled to Venice for its world premiere and participated in a press conference to promote it. And Jones shared a teaser of the film on his official website.

It’s not clear when ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’ will be released

“Becoming Led Zeppelin” had its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival on September 3 but since then there has been no announcement of the film’s release, leading to speculation that the film may have been withdrawn for editing or may not have been acquired at the Venice or Telluride film festivals where it was screened.

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22 Comments on "Robert Plant said he was only ‘minorly’ involved in the new Led Zeppelin documentary film"

  1. What do you think John bonhom would say.If he knew Robert plant was holding up a Led Zeppelin reunion tour.That would be the ultimate compliment with. Jason Bonhom and havingJohns wife pat giving her Blessings

  2. This is ridiculous…why all this cloak and dagger? Why can’t some news source figure this out and report on it??? Is there a new Zeppelin doc or not???

    • I think Zepplin is the greatest band ever saw you in 1969 inter AMP been hooked since then Bonzo would be disappointed if Robert Plant doesnt promote the. BECOMING LED ZEPPLIN come on Robert your the best front man ever love too all. Good Times🎸🎤❤🙏✌

  3. Wow, well I’m really excited and I hope that if we can see the movie some day,I’m really delighted with the news,and that everything goes well.♥️🙏🏻

  4. Love love love Robert Plant 🥰

  5. Without newly discovered bootleg video and audio of concerts any new film showing them would be in the studio during the creative process. They did that with The Beatles. I would love to see film of them creating a song in studio more than old concert footage. How did Page come up with so many historic chord riffs and solos? How did someone as young as Plant was create such memorable and poetic lyrics? And Jones and Bonham. Did Bonham work off of Jones’ bass or vice versa? The former of course. How was the rapport amongst them in the studio? Did Page lay the groundwork for 90% + of the music we others other members then chiming in? Nobody at the time or since has touched them in the records sold over their 11-12 year stint. The Stones have been going almost 60 years and still haven’t sold as many records. The Devil sure likes that Jimmy Page!

    • Debra a lehotsky | 9th November 2021 at 4:30 pm | Reply

      I saw led zeppelin at the garden in the 70’s and was at the premier of the movie the song remains the same…it was the highlight of my life

  6. Guylaine Doucet | 9th November 2021 at 1:07 pm | Reply

    Enfin ca parlera pas de Robert Plant plus qui faut, c est juste enfin et j espere qu on pourra le voir que ce soit sur netflix ou youtube peu importe pourvu qu on puisse le voir………ca me donne l impression que cest Plant qui a du sortir une rumeur au sujet du film comme si c était trop poche ……………. bravo a Jimmy

  7. Roy JOHN Watson | 9th November 2021 at 2:56 pm | Reply

    i think robert plant is not interested in anything to do with zeppelin past hes proofed it withis music in resent years he likes to move forward well done robert plant

  8. I enjoy ANY music Mr. Plant produces, including his collaborations with Ms. Krauss. And while I can certainly understand why he doesn’t wish to tour with the international circus that surrounds Led Zeppelin, it is quite another to turn his back on the musical legacy that sold hundreds of millions of records and enthralled millions of music lovers for half a century. Maybe Robert has to say these things to rationalize his decision not to give the world what it truly wants–NEW Led Zeppelin music.

  9. Robert would love for everyone to listen to his current projet…
    Just like any working artist.

  10. et bien moi, je fini par en vouloir à Robert Plant de ne pas vouloir récompenser les fans de led zep de 50 ans de fidélité… on ne lui demande qu’un an ou deux de sa vie – et depuis 2007 il aurait pu le faire pour nous offrir une dernière tournée… et nous dire merci, et eux et nous

  11. I was extremely disappointed that Plant, Jones and at least Jason Bonham (to represent his Dad) weren’t in Venice to the premier of the movie… while I do know that Page was the founder, etc., it was about Led Zep, not Jimmy Page. But then again, that’s just me.

  12. It’s all part of the act superhype records the beast hasn’t changed lol

  13. Joseph A Badura | 10th November 2021 at 9:09 am | Reply

    They sounded like crap at live aid. I wouldn’t go to a reunion for free. I’ll just spin the vinyl at home.

  14. Good times,bad times…..

  15. Robert Plant wants to live a quieter life without all the hoop-law enjoyed as a younger man. He is able to focus more on his insightful writing. I admire him for not craving the spotlight all the time.

  16. While Plant has been clear about his dislike of nostalgia since 1983, he also has contradicted himself many times over the years. He has enjoyed playing Zep songs during nearly all of HIS solo tours . But once you corner him into any confessions of a hard living youth in the USA , you can count him out. For we fans of the early Zep days, all of it is a grand memory of sounds and sights of an innocent ride through a truly fun period in world history.
    But if you go back and read the late 75 to 77 period of live Zep, you can see the pain of what the entire band went through. But does that mean we should forget the entire quality of Zep ? No. But again, when you “corner” Plant, he denies his memories and insists he was and is “Just a singer ” and not an icon.
    Personally, as a long time fan from 1969, I no longer care in the shadows of Covid 19. Live ,large, public gatherings now seem as repugnant as they should gave been seen since the Plague of Europe. So, it really doesn’t matter what Plant believes or what fans believe anymore. Including our indifference to a half baked new album that will amount to dust in 400 years. But Zep will remain. And people will remember all of it. Even if Plant has forgotten .

  17. Robbie Patterson | 11th November 2021 at 6:45 pm | Reply

    I don’t know why plant is being so cagey about it. You would think you’d be proud of it. If it wasn’t for led Zeppelin no one would have ever heard of Robert plant.

  18. As much as i love Robert, why does he always have negative comments on anything that Jimmy or John Paul are doing to promote the new Led Zeppelin film or various other projects about Zeppelin. If he feels so strongly about this, why doesn’t he stop taking royalties from these projects, and just gets on wih what he is doing now. Why get involved in press conferences and then basically slag the project off.

  19. Whats going on🖖

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