Every track from Robert Plant’s new album ‘Carry Fire’ is available to listen to on YouTube

Robert Plant released his new solo album “Carry Fire” on October 13, and the full album has been uploaded to Plant’s official YouTube channel.

Hear every track below:

1. The May Queen

2. New World

3. Season’s Song

4. Dance with You Tonight

5. Carving Up the World Again… a wall and not a fence

6. A Way With Words

7. Carry Fire

8. Bones of Saints

9. Keep it Hid

10. Bluebirds Over the Mountain

11. Heaven Sent

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2 Comments on "Every track from Robert Plant’s new album ‘Carry Fire’ is available to listen to on YouTube"

  1. Patricia Krull | 14th October 2017 at 7:58 pm | Reply

    They say everything in life is timing. I honestly didn’t even know that Robert Plant had a solo career, until recently. I had never even heard of 29 Palms, I was living in Germany when it came out. I hadn’t even thought of Robert Plant since, 1976, (it was like he was my high school boyfriend.) I left him behind, and moved on with my life. Oh, I would hear bits and pieces, I think I had heard that he was living in Texas with another Patty. Anyway, for some odd reason, earlier this year, I started thinking about him and doing research on his solo career. (I was a research Librarian, so I’m good at what I do.) I even sent him some of my poetry. I’m not sure if he ever got it or not, never heard. Doesn’t really matter, except that I did write two poems with him in mind, so it would have been nice if he did. I’m not sure if I would have liked any of his previous solo work, but I love, Carry Fire! It was like it was written with me in mind, it really touches my soul. I’ve never seen Robert Plant in concert, we’ve never shared a common space. And I don’t know if we ever will. (Hoping he’ll add Philadelphia on this tour.) But I’m glad at this stage of my life and this stage of his life, we were able to connect somehow, in a place in time.
    Patricia Krull

  2. Sorry, but this is all terrific Muzak. I respect Plant as an artist, but his artistic vision has moved very far away from what I want to hear.

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