Robert Plant said that he turned down a part in ‘Game of Thrones’

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Robert Plant said in a new interview that he was offered a part in the television series “Game of Thrones,” but turned it down because “I don’t want to be typecast!”

Plant was interviewed by The Strombo Show and host George Stroumboulopoulos asked Plant if he watched “Game of Thrones.”

Read the transcript of Plant discussing “Game of Thrones” below:

George Stroumboulopoulos: Do you watch ‘Game of Thrones’?

Robert Plant: No, I got offered a part in that!

GS: And you said no?

RP: Yeah well I don’t want to be typecast! I mean I started that shit! Go back to ‘Immigrant Song,’ Led Zeppelin being part of a cultural exchange in Iceland with the Icelandic government, so they didn’t really know what they’d invited onto their little island and so on the way back on the plane I started thinking about … because I love Western European history, you know from maybe the Bronze Age up through all the old religion the great sort of when we were really in touch with our earth, and so the Viking thing was obviously, so that whole idea of playing in Iceland and and experiencing this amazing landscape and people so yeah I’ve got a lot to answer for already because I’ve never seen so many bands with double bladed axes and looking like that, you know it was they could have all looked like Soft Cell, you know something
like that

GS: Were it not for you and Mordor all of that yeah

RP: Mordor … Naughty Mordor

GS: It haunts you to this day. What part did they offer you in ‘Game of Thrones’?

RP: What was it Nick, you know?

Off Camera: No they hadn’t decided

RP: Yeah I thought that I was gonna ride a horse and go [poses] I haven’t got time to grow the beard really, so no.

Watch the full interview below:

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4 Comments on "Robert Plant said that he turned down a part in ‘Game of Thrones’"

  1. He’s afraid, that they might want him to sing, or them using the song, “the battle of evermore” on the show.

  2. Fabulous interview, George asks the right questions and has a unique knack of feeling intimate with the guests in front of a camera or 100 or more people in a room . Rock Royalty right there . I’d love to hear some of Roberts stories from his first tours .

  3. Oh wow!That was a great look inside a rock geniuses mind! To hear his opinion on some questions,which you know about,and to have him totally be honest,puts you in a humbling place. Like when EF HUTTON speaks,people listen! Great interveiw,job well done!

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