Robert Plant was surprised on stage with a birthday cake by his son and grandchildren

Robert Plant birthday cake
(YouTube/Mark Zep)

Robert Plant was surprised on stage with a birthday cake by his son Logan Plant on August 20, his 74th birthday.

While Plant was performing with Alison Krauss in Lake Tahoe, Nevada on August 20, his son Logan and Logan’s children wheeled on a birthday cake and led a crowd singalong of “Happy Birthday”.

Videos posted online showed the moment that Plant was surprised by the cake as well as yellow and black balloons, the colours of his favourite football club, Wolverhampton Wanderers.

“This is my family,” Plant told the crowd. “They’ve come all the way from England to give me a chocolate microphone!”

“Oh dear, I’m slightly embarrassed,” Plant said after the surprise.

Plant last performed on his birthday back in 2005 when he performed at V Festival in Chelmsford, England on August 20, 2005, his 57th birthday.

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13 Comments on "Robert Plant was surprised on stage with a birthday cake by his son and grandchildren"

  1. Thus is so cool I’m seeing him in Utah gosh a week late to sing happy birthday to my favorite musician of all time ❤️ thx for sharing 😊

  2. richard keller | 21st August 2022 at 8:54 pm | Reply

    Bonzo’s Birthday Party on May 31, 1973 at the L.A.Forum it ain’t!!

  3. Michelle Lee Pyle | 21st August 2022 at 10:29 pm | Reply

    Happy birthday Robert. Love your music 🎶

  4. Happiness and health to you in the coming year you have made so many people Rock! Love you with all my heart ❤️

  5. Happy Birthday Robert! See you in Boston on the 9th! Soooo excited!!

  6. I had tickets to this show and couldn’t attend. 😢😢

  7. How lovely. Such a beautiful gesture from his family. What I would have given to be there. Happy Birthday Robert and many more to come.

  8. Happy Birthday, Mr. Plant! 🎉🥳🎉

  9. Happy Birthday Robert and a wonderful year ahead for you !

  10. Love you Robert missed your concert.

  11. Marie-Anne Bingen | 23rd August 2022 at 12:39 pm | Reply

    Happy Birthday Robert! I am so sorry you couldn’t play in The Netherlands last month. All the best, and keep healthy please!!

  12. Love you lots! Happy birthday, Mr. Plant! 🎉🎂

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