A previously unheard soundboard recording of Led Zeppelin from 1975 has been released

A soundboard recording of Led Zeppelin performing in Los Angeles in March 1975 has been released by Japanese bootleg label Empress Valley.

The label released a handful of songs on a new CD titled “The Night Stalker.”

The recordings are believed to all originate from the March 24, 1975 Los Angeles Forum show. However, Empress Valley has not confirmed this, and instead suggested that it has possession of soundboard recordings for the March 25 and March 27, 1975 shows at the same venue.

Here’s the setlist for the newly released CD:

  • Rock And Roll
  • Sick Again
  • In My Time Of Dying
  • The Song Remains The Same
  • The Rain Song
  • Trampled Underfoot
  • Stairway To Heaven
  • Whole Lotta Love
  • Black Dog

View some photos of the newly released bootleg below:

Empress Valley has also released this leaflet, which suggests that a full soundboard recording from March 1975 is on the way, along with an audience master from the September 29, 1971 Osaka, Japan show. The label released a partial soundboard recording of that show last year:

In case you’re wondering what the background painting is, it’s Salvator Mundi, the painting of Jesus which has controversially been attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and sold for $450 million at auction.

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