The four-year feud between Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams is still going on

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The four-year feud between Jimmy Page and his neighbour Robbie Williams over Williams’ plan to build a basement extension to his home has heated up again over plans to put in place a bond that would see Page paid if building works damage his London home.

Williams first applied for planning permission for the work in December 2014, but Page has repeatedly and publicly objected to his plans due to his concerns that the building work could damage his own home.

The feud showed signs of being resolved in December 2018 when Williams was granted conditional planning permission for the work, but the local planning authority ordered that a monetary bond agreement be formed so that Page could be reimbursed if any damage to his house occurs.

The form of this bond has now become a new disagreement between the two men.

Williams’ position on the bond

A barrister hired by Williams wrote in a legal opinion that a bond between Williams and Page would not serve the public interest. “The bond, as presently contemplated, appears impermissible,” he wrote.

Page’s position on the bond

However, a barrister hired by Page has also provided his opinion on the matter. He wrote that Williams’ barrister “misses the central question” posed by the local council’s planning approval for Williams’ building work.

He suggested that the bond agreement isn’t just between Williams and Page, but would be enforced by the local council.

The local council’s position on the bond

The local council also has its own legal opinion on the matter. A barrister working for the council wrote that the agreement must have the “direct involvement” of the council.

He also cautioned that it might be difficult to persuade Page to allow builders into his home to make repairs. Because of this, he suggested that Page form a planning obligation with the council and Williams.

So the council said in December that a bond was needed. Williams’ barrister says it won’t work, Page’s barrister says the council should be involved, and the council’s barrister says that the council and Page should also be involved.

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