David Coverdale is working on bonus tracks to send to Jimmy Page for a deluxe edition of their 1993 album

Coverdale Page

David Coverdale is working on previously unreleased music that he will present to Jimmy Page for potential inclusion in a deluxe remastered edition of the pair’s 1993 “Coverdale Page” album that’s due to be released in 2023.

The singer told the “Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown” podcast earlier this month that he’s working on the songs.

“Right now I’m working on songs potentially to present to Jimmy Page for maybe a couple of bonus tracks for the new version of Coverdale Page,” he said.

You can hear the remarks from 12:55 at this link or in the player below:

Coverdale has repeatedly said that he plans to release a remastered edition of the album including previously unreleased content.

He told eonmusic in October that he and Page plan to release the deluxe edition for the album’s thirtieth anniversary in 2023.

“I think you’re in for some nice surprises,” he said. “Jimmy and I have been talking about it, and he’s isolated out in the country, so we just have to make sure, because I’m not getting on a fucking plane, and I certainly don’t expect him to!”

“We’ll have the original album remastered, and we’ve got a bunch of songs we didn’t release, and I videoed most of the writing and recording scenario, and all the way to the shows in Osaka and stuff, so, there’s a shit load of content, but one of the things I suggested to him, I said; ‘why don’t you do a Jimmy Page mix on the record, and I’ll do a David Coverdale mix, and let the fans just get Jimmy’s perspective, and mine.'”

There have been concerns that the master tapes for the album may have been destroyed in a 2008 fire at a storage facility at the backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood.

However, Coverdale has insisted that work on the remaster continues.

Coverdale first mentioned a remaster of the album in an interview with Eddie Trunk in 2018.

“Last year, prior to Christmas, I hosted all my Warner guys, the new people I’m working with. The new team flew up from LA to Reno where Hook City, the Whitesnake studio, is. We spent a day together discussing plans and ideas,” he said.

“And the president said – not the president of the United States – said, ‘How would you think bout revisiting the ‘Coverdale-Page’ album?’ And I said, ‘What, remixing?’ Because initially, prior to me getting ill we were supposed to deliver the ‘Flesh and Blood’ studio record to Frontiers by the end of February in order to get it out May-June to coincide with the Foreigner one. And of course my illness just kicked it off the table.

“But at that time I thought March, April, May – Jimmy and I could remix it and mix the unreleased songs that we had, because we had four or five extra songs. At the same time, talking about synchronicity or good planing on the part of Warner, the president or Warner UK was entertaining Jimmy a dinner or lunch and saying, ‘Hey, how would you fancy revisiting the Coverdale-Page project?’ And he went, ‘I’ll call David right now!’ And I said to this guy, ‘I’ll call Jimmy right now.’ It was the funniest thing.

“So definitely when we can, when we both have the time, we will be remixing and adding… I mean, I documented, I filmed the whole process from the first day Jimmy and I sat down to write music at my house at Lake Tahoe. So there’s enough stuff to make a really interesting package for the fans.”

Listen to that interview below:

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