Robert Plant and Alison Krauss performed at Glastonbury Festival

Robert Plant Alison Krauss Glastonbury Festival 2022

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss performed at Glastonbury Festival on June 24 as they began the European festival leg of their ongoing world tour in support of their recent album “Raise The Roof”.

Plant and Krauss performed on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival from 6.15pm to 7.30pm UK time, with the BBC broadcasting the performance on BBC Four from 8.30pm (although the BBC Four broadcast cut out “Fortune Teller” and “Gone Gone Gone”).

They started their performance with “Rich Woman” from their 2007 album Raising Sand and ended with “When The Levee Breaks”.

Plant said on stage it was a “real treat” to be back at Glastonbury. “I see the same yellow flag every time with the two Ws,” he added, referring to a Wolverhampton Wanderers flag flown by someone in the audience.

Check out our setlist of Plant and Krauss’ Glastonbury Festival performance below:

  • Rich Woman
  • Quattro (World Drifts In)
  • Fortune Teller
  • The Price Of Love
  • Rock and Roll
  • Please Read the Letter
  • Trouble With My Lover
  • High and Lonesome
  • It Don’t Bother Me
  • Gone Gone Gone
  • The Battle of Evermore
  • When the Levee Breaks

The tour of European festivals comes after Plant and Krauss began their world tour with a US leg that started in Canandaigua, New York on June 1. They’re scheduled to return to tour the US again in August through to September.

Plant last performed at Glastonbury Festival on June 28, 2014 when he played on the Pyramid Stage with his band The Sensational Space Shifters.

Previously, Plant performed at Glastonbury Festival with Jimmy Page on June 25, 1995. Plant also performed at the festival on June 25, 1993 while on his Fate Of Nations solo tour.

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16 Comments on "Robert Plant and Alison Krauss performed at Glastonbury Festival"

  1. i really dont get it,3 of the 11 songs are zeppelin,from a vast range of plant/krauss songs available-why……sorry but very dissapointing setlist.

  2. Maureen c mccall | 25th June 2022 at 4:21 am | Reply

    My ethinks in my humble opinion that Ms Krauss should do one of her own songs too. I get the LZ connection and that fans want it, but the music these two make together can stand on its own

  3. Keith Havard | 25th June 2022 at 7:31 am | Reply

    Sorry Bertram, but I thought they were brilliant. The setlist had a bit of something everyone could enjoy, and the songs by Zeppelin were performed with their own unique reworked arrangements What’s so disappointing? I guess whatever some folk do they won’t please everyone…….

  4. Mate (bertram) what are whinging about the set was brilliant and they can both belt out a tune. Mixing the LedZ songs in was class and a nod of recognition to quality.

  5. Since about 2002, there are varying opinions about what a Robert Plant concert should contain. Over the decades since I have seen many of his shows. Whether it’s with Krauss or Saving Grace, the biggest audience reaction (cheers,excitement,ovations,etc) are always for Zeppelin numbers. Even his older recognizable solo songs don’t get quite the reaction. SO…it becomes a question of what consumers want as “entertainment” . Music that creates a collective state of euphoric insanity as addictive as any powerful drug, or. , good taste music similar to the affects of sipping on Earl Grey in a Summer flower garden.
    Not making a judgment here. We all have the right to retire with dignity. As for me. I would choose to just stop working and play with the grandkids…

  6. Mark Williams | 25th June 2022 at 9:31 pm | Reply

    Noticeably small crowd…think Robert either needs to play solo material (instead of Zeppelin) to augment the strong catalogue he has with Alison,…time has finally come to call it a day.

  7. My wife and favorite sister in law bought us seats at Merriweather post.
    The venue was fantastic!
    We sat in the very same seating when I was there in 1968. And Led Zepplin opened for the Who. A once in a life time expierence. Roger Daltry came out and said you guys are to good to open for any group …and there it goes ..and I was there.

  8. sorry kids,you guys break me up,even blind Freddy can see that Mr Plant is doing zeppelin numbers to slap ZEP INC in the face,look i can sing any zep song [elevator music format] with anyone except with JP and JPJ……the truth is brutal but someone has to say it. [w/evil laugh]…i think covid caused me to lose all my faculties,so please forgive me for these comments because i think Robert is probably the greatest singer who is always moving forward ,looking to the future for new directions for the sake of music….from Zep1 to Raise the Roof…what a legend

  9. Wayne M Jones | 26th June 2022 at 9:50 am | Reply

    Fantastic gig I’m a massive Alison KRAUSS fan and love RP I thought what a fantastic band they had pure Americana. “When the Levi breaks” I thought that arrangement was mesmerizing.

  10. Great performance! When the Levi Breaks was perfect! – but I was also mesmerized by RP’s trousers/pants/jeans. -Waxed cotton? -wafer thin leather? Synthetic?
    Does anyone know?

  11. Absolutely superb set with terrific performances from the musicians who supported Robert and Alison. I have watched it over and over again.

  12. Loved the duo, setlist and band, wonderful, a pleasure from start to finish a real highlight performance for me, stands musically on its own..

  13. Best set at Glastonbury this year ( IMHO )

    I just hope that they release a CD of this live session

  14. Love it ❣️

  15. Hopefully they will release this live concert on CD very very shortly

  16. Totally agree Vaughan. Surely a live set from the tour is a must.

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