Robert Plant will tour Ireland and Scotland with Saving Grace

Robert Plant performing with Saving Grace on July 24

Robert Plant will tour Ireland and Scotland with his band Saving Grace in October and November.

Suzi Dian, who sings in the band alongside Plant, announced the tour dates on her Facebook page on July 15.

LedZepNews previously reported that a new Saving Grace tour was in the works for the end of the year.

The band has recorded its debut album although no announcement has been made so far of its release.

Check out Saving Grace’s newly announced tour dates below:

  • October 25 – Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • October 27 – Cork, Ireland
  • October 28 – Galway, Ireland
  • October 30 – Sligo Live music festival, Ireland
  • October 31 – Dublin, Ireland
  • November 2 – Wexford Spiegeltent Festival, Ireland
  • November 5 – Edinburgh, Scotland
  • November 6 – Glasgow, Scotland
  • November 8 – Aberdeen, Scotland
  • November 9 – Perth, Scotland

The addition of the 10 new tour dates with Saving Grace mean that Plant is scheduled to perform 66 shows over the course of 2022. Plant last performed more than 60 shows in a year in 2018 when he played 64 shows.

Saving Grace has been recording an album

Saving Grace is clearly an important project for Plant, with the band’s debut album on the way. Plant said on stage earlier this year that the band had been recording in Steve Winwood’s studio in England.

LedZepNews revealed last year that a British business owned by Plant secured trademarks for “Saving Grace” across Europe and the US in order to block anyone else from using that band name to release music or merchandise.

Plant has never taken out trademarks for his solo projects before, making this an unusual step that could indicate longterm interest in the Saving Grace project.

On January 23, 2020, lawyers representing a London company named Trolcharm Limited filed applications in Europe and the US to trademark “Saving Grace”.

Plant owns more than 75% of Trolcharm Limited, according to Companies House filings in the UK. His three surviving children are directors of the business along with Plant.

The business owns the copyright to much of Plant’s solo career and is frequently credited in the liner notes of his albums, including “Raise The Roof.”

The trademark applications, which were all eventually approved, include the following fields:

  • Audio and video recordings including digital downloads and CDs
  • Live music footage
  • Posters, stickers and magazines
  • Bags, wallets, umbrellas and luggage
  • Clothing including footwear and headgear

Taking out trademarks for his musical projects is a rarity for Plant. He hasn’t applied to trademark the names of his previous solo bands Strange Sensation, the Band of Joy or the Sensational Space Shifters.

Plant hasn’t trademarked his own name, either, unlike Jimmy Page who does own trademarks to protect his personal brand including his name, his autograph and the word “ZOSO.”

The Saving Grace filings are the only trademark applications ever filed by Trolcharm Limited or any other business used by Plant to run his solo career.

The presence of trademark filings don’t always mean that the trademark holder will actually launch the product or service they have the trademarks for.

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5 Comments on "Robert Plant will tour Ireland and Scotland with Saving Grace"

  1. AMERICA !!

  2. Mark Williams | 16th July 2022 at 8:32 am | Reply

    Really pleased to see Robert commit again to Saving Grace. He’s had a good run with Alison but it’s pretty obvious that has run it’s course.

  3. The promise of Rock & Roll as envisioned by all our forefathers has officially been broken, crumbled, and scattered into drifting pieces throughout the ether….. Finni

  4. Mark Williams | 25th July 2022 at 8:39 pm | Reply

    Very true Vern,its all now about the ‘rocking chair’ for Robert. Just so sad no Honeydrippers part 2, fun rockabilly album with chums including Jeff Beck et al.The next few years most likely to be even more of a snooze fest than of recent years. 😢

  5. Maureen c mccall | 6th November 2022 at 1:03 am | Reply

    If Mr Plant wants to transform himself and go in a different direction. God bless him. He has given the world 50 years of incredible music. I support whatever my akes him happy.

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