Robert Plant performed with Jools Holland in the UK

Robert Plant at Jools Holland show on May 26
(Facebook/Derek Nash)

Robert Plant performed with Jools Holland in Malvern in the UK on May 26, joining the musician and television presenter on stage during his tour.

We previously reported that Plant was spotted backstage at Holland’s May 26 show, but we’ve since learned that Plant also joined the band on stage too.

Currently it’s unclear which song or songs Plant played with Holland.

Photos show Plant on stage at the show:

Other photos posted online show Plant backstage at the show:

One concertgoer claims to have had an amusing interaction with Plant at the show. Writing on Facebook, Peter Norton said: “At the interval, I went to the gents and as I stood at the urinal (sorry about the image !), I noticed this so recognisable gent next to me. I said to him ‘ you look an awful lot like Robert Plant’, his reply was ‘that’s because I am Robert Plant’. After washing, we shook hands and I apologised for any embarrassment and we went our separate ways.”

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