David Coverdale said he ‘never had time’ to remaster the Coverdale Page album

Coverdale Page

David Coverdale said in a new interview that he “never had time” to remaster “Coverdale Page”, his 1993 album with Jimmy Page.

Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock, the Whitesnake singer said that a remastered and expanded edition of the album isn’t on the way for its thirtieth anniversary. Coverdale has repeatedly discussed his hopes to release a box set version of the album in interviews since 2018.

“By the time we came out of COVID, I never had time to do it,” Coverdale told Ultimate Classic Rock. “I’ve got a very significant agenda, which also, in that time, was a two-year farewell tour after an astonishing 50-year career. There was just no time. It breaks my heart not to do it, it really does, because it’s a super, super record. But yeah, that was the plan and I was very excited.”

Coverdale now says he’s unsure whether to move forward with a remaster of the album after missing the thirtieth anniversary of its release in March. “I really don’t know what to do,” he said. “I don’t know who [to give this project to],” he laments. “But I pray that Jimmy, I think he has potentially exhausted the Led Zeppelin catalogue, that he would take something like this on if he was enthused.”

The Whitesnake singer also confirmed that the original master tapes of the album were destroyed in the 2008 Universal Studios fire. “The actual analogue tapes went up,” Coverdale told Ultimate Classic Rock. “That was one of the things [that was destroyed in the fire], so thank God for digital. I have all of the assets for that.”

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8 Comments on "David Coverdale said he ‘never had time’ to remaster the Coverdale Page album"

  1. Were the mix tapes destroyed along with the original masters? Have they been transferred to hard drive? Anyway, so a month’s deadline has been missed, there are still a few months until Christmas 2023… so shall we find a couple of weeks somewhere?

    • There’s a bunch of unreleased tracks,so this isn’t going to take two weeks. Probably three to six months. It’s a deluxe.

  2. Well Jimmy doesn’t go out now. He didn’t play on ozzys new one. I sorely wish he d release new music but is there any ? Let zeppelin rest.

  3. Got a metal acetate 2 sided for
    Epic original live yardbirds with
    Jimmy page lp with epic labels
    Note written to Tom wermann
    On 12 inch sleeve no cover
    Where do you think I could reach
    Big yardbirds/zep collectors?

  4. Gregory Neidhart | 7th April 2023 at 3:07 am | Reply

    Let’s get with it before all the fans die of, give us a treat

  5. Winter is too long | 8th April 2023 at 2:20 am | Reply

    Remaster… Remix. I’ve had a full amount of remixes and remasters alongside my huge catalog of originals. Appart from alternate takes and/or unreleased, I usually enjoy the upgraded decibels and that’s it. It’s cool but really not so necessary. A recent example? Pink Floyd’s Animals and DSOTM. Cool, not necessary.

  6. Roy JOHN Watson | 8th April 2023 at 7:59 pm | Reply

    forget the remastering or remix just give us any unreleashed tracks or a live concert i know they did some live shows in japan go for it david and jimmy

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