Robert Plant unveiled 4 new Led Zeppelin covers with Saving Grace

Robert Plant’s band Saving Grace resumed touring on August 24 in Slovenia and unveiled a changed setlist that includes four new Led Zeppelin covers.

The band performed “The Rain Song”, “Gallows Pole”, “Friends” and “Four Sticks” in its first show of 2023, which kicks off a European tour before the band’s UK tour takes place in November.

We spotted a hint that Saving Grace was making changes to its live show on August 23 when Deborah Bonham, the sister of John Bonham, mentioned hearing “new songs” in a Saving Grace rehearsal in a comment on a Facebook post from The Lemon Tree fanzine.

Sure enough, the band played a tweaked setlist that included its live debuts of those four Led Zeppelin tracks. You can watch videos of the songs below.

Here’s ‘Friends’:

Here’s ‘The Rain Song’:

Here’s ‘Gallows Pole’:

And here’s ‘Four Sticks’:

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11 Comments on "Robert Plant unveiled 4 new Led Zeppelin covers with Saving Grace"

  1. FABRICIO PEREIRA BARBOSA | 25th August 2023 at 2:20 pm | Reply

    And they played Four Sticks too!

  2. This is exciting! Saving Grace is my fave Robert solo since… 1993, and this makes me very happy. Can’t wait to hear the live recordings as they come out.

  3. Maureen mccall | 25th August 2023 at 9:19 pm | Reply

    Although a post Zep fan of RP….this sounds great…can’t wait to get to England to see them live…

  4. Love the rain song – so mystical

  5. Denise L Noble | 27th August 2023 at 3:51 am | Reply

    I hope he comes back to Cleveland because those damn Canadian fires got our show cancelled.

  6. RP says he want to get past LZ but he does LZ all the time. She’ll figure out a way to move on with LZ

  7. Technically, “Gallows Pole” is not a Led Zeppelin song. It’s a traditional 19th Century song.

  8. Finally Led Zeppelin’s music is becoming more fluid in Robert plant concert love when sang rain song bring it on 👍

  9. Ok Now something I can dig!

  10. Been a real big fan since the zep… days.realy hope to see in Richmond va again.

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