PHOTOS: The deluxe edition of Chris Farlowe’s album ‘The Beginning’ that was signed by Jimmy Page

Chris Farlowe’s 1961 album “The Beginning” was officially released on Jimmy Page Records on April 30. The deluxe edition of the album was sold through Page’s website, and is signed by both Page and Farlowe.

The album was produced by Page back in 1961, and he has written liner notes for the new release.

Here’s a photo of the autographs on the deluxe edition:


And here’s a look at the album in its shrink wrap:


Here’s a look at the liner notes by Chris Farlowe and Jimmy Page:


And here’s the back of the record cover:


We haven’t seen any photographs of the vinyl yet, but here’s a rendering from Jimmy Page’s website:

A quotation from Page’s liner notes can be found on SoundCloud:

The band settled into their recording role immediately and an album was recorded that day. The guitar and bass were recorded by direct injection and the band listened to their progress via headphones…They adapted really quickly to this method, the individual performance exhibits the style and class that this band had and Chris Farlowe’s performance is absolutely extraordinary.

So far two tracks from the album have been previewed. The first track, “Money,” can be heard below:

And you can listen to the second track, “Let The Good Times Roll,” at the bottom of this interview with Chris Farlowe by Dangerous Minds.

Farlowe said in that interview that he mentioned his 1961 recording to Page at a party held by Van Morrison. We dug through the LedZepNews archive and found this photo of Farlowe and Page at the party where they agreed to release the album:

Finally, Farlowe also gave an interview to Led Zeppelin magazine Tight But Loose about his new release.

The tracklist for the album is as follows:

1. Entry of the Slaves
2. Spring is Near
3. What’d I Say
4. Let the Good Times Roll
5. Sticks and Stones
6. Kansas City
7. I’m Moving On
8. Just a Dream
9. Matchbox
10. Money
11. Hurtin’ Inside
12. Watch Your Step

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2 Comments on "PHOTOS: The deluxe edition of Chris Farlowe’s album ‘The Beginning’ that was signed by Jimmy Page"

  1. I received my signed copy of the Farlowe album….I really like it. I love that I have Jimmys autograph as well. If it were up to me, I would have made the autographs more “frameable”…the liner notes are nothing I would take out and get framed and hang in my man cave. Still thrilled to be a part of something Jimmy had his hands on though. Pretty cool.

    • Hey, could you please tell me what you paid for the signed copy originally?
      Ebay seems so inflated. Thank you

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