The Jimmy Page/Robbie Williams feud continues after Williams’ builders were fined £3,000

YouTube/BBC News Flickr/MariaAndronic

The feud between Jimmy Page and his neighbour Robbie Williams is back on after Williams’ builders were reportedly fined £3,000 for drilling too loudly on a Sunday during renovation work on Williams’ London home.

The Evening Standard reports that Page complained on September 11, 2016 after Williams’ builders, CC Construction Ltd, took apart a shed on a Sunday using power tools.

Today in Westminster magistrates court it was ruled that the building firm broke rules around how loud the building works could be, and they were fined £3,000, and were ordered to pay £1,500 in costs and a £170 victim surcharge.

Last month we published a definitive guide to the ongoing feud between Page and Williams, which has been going on since January 2015. In case you’re not up to speed: Page has repeatedly complained over Williams’ plans to renovate his home, which Page has argued are intrusive and too loud.

Williams recently applied to build a garden shed on stilts in his garden, which Page may object to. We’ve checked with the local council and so far they haven’t received an objection from Page, but he has until May 12 to write in.

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  1. Mark Williams | 10th May 2017 at 7:24 pm | Reply

    Thanks Dave. Just in case you & the readers were not aware, Robert was interviewed a few days back (on Borth beach,West Wales) by Brian Robertson (AC/DC lead singer) for Brian’s new ‘ Life on the Road’ interview series being broadcast on Sky Arts. You’ll be glad to hear the sword out of ‘ The Song Remains the Same’ (that Robert wielded back in the day) makes a re-appearance !

    Ths interview really is something to look forward to ( more than hoping for 2018 Zeppelin action) !

  2. Pauline Lucy Bowen | 14th May 2017 at 8:54 pm | Reply

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  3. Roger Betancourt | 20th November 2018 at 2:52 pm | Reply

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