Jimmy Page decided not to object to Robbie Williams’ latest planning application

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Jimmy Page has decided not to object to his neighbour Robbie Williams’ latest planning application for a large outbuilding in his garden, potentially ending a long-running feud that has been going on since 2015.

The Sun reported on April 15 that “Robbie Williams [is] set to infuriate neighbour Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page AGAIN” with an application for an outbuilding in his garden. And The Daily Mail speculated that “one person who may air his views is Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, 73, who lives nearby.”

But LedZepNews can report that Page decided not to object to Williams’ planning application, even though four local residents did send letters objecting to Williams’ proposal.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea told LedZepNews that “We have received four objections to the planning application PP/17/02365 which are available to view on our website. The author of the comments and their postal address are published to the website. None of the objections we have received are from Mr Page.”

One of the illustrations in Williams’ proposal.

The deadline to object to Williams’ proposal has now passed, meaning that Page definitely didn’t complain.

That’s a big contrast to Page’s previous objections to work proposed by Williams. He has complained multiple times over planned renovation work by his neighbour, and the feud has been happening since January 2015. We published a definitive history of the saga here.

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