Robert Plant cancelled his tour of Scandinavia


Robert Plant has cancelled an upcoming tour of Scandinavia, according to local press and ticket sellers.

Plant was due to perform in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway in August, but cancelled all of the shows on that leg of his tour in late January.

One venue that Plant was scheduled to play at published the following statement about the cancellation:

“Due to tour-scheduling issues, we are sorry to inform you that Robert Plant has cancelled his Scandinavia tour during 2018. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to see Robert Plant in Gröna Lund in the future.”

Here are the cancelled dates of Plant’s tour:

August 3: Sønderborg, Denmark

August 5: Stockholm, Sweden

August 7: Bergen, Norway

August 9: Trondheim, Norway

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17 Comments on "Robert Plant cancelled his tour of Scandinavia"

  1. ✌✌

  2. Odd,only four dates spread over one week. Points to scheduling the second leg of North America (after Skin Tyson has finished his ‘Cast’ commitments). Planty has already hinted at second leg US/Canada dates later into Autumn.
    Of course I’d love to think it’s because Robert has a date with Jimmy,JPJ & Jason be we all know that ‘ain’t the case !

    • Kid Charlemagne | 21st February 2018 at 3:11 pm | Reply

      Please stop teasing us with hopes of a reunion. Although the kid from Greta Van Fleet would be a great substitute for Plant!

  3. These dates never appeared on his official website.

  4. Well he seems to have a history of cancelling, at least one, tour in the past. In the late 90s he cancelled the last Page and Plant tour. He basically said he didn’t want to miss any more English springs. No judgement. But I’m pretty sure Page was not happy with the decision.

  5. Robert Plant. The genious with the great sense of humor. An artist beyond belief. With messages of freedom, love, tolerance….reaching out to rock our souls into living.

  6. Laurie Bertolett | 21st February 2018 at 4:22 am | Reply

    That is where my mind went to immediately! ?. Led Zeppelin tour, lol! One can hope!

  7. Plant getting back With Zeppelin is about as true as Rod Stewart getting back with remaining Faces!

  8. Bottom Line is, The Man is a ‘Rock God’ and can do whatever he feels is right….English Springs do sound nice…

  9. Sept 7, 1968
    New Yardbirds 1st gig

  10. Do any of you realize how hard a tour is on a 30something year old let alone a 70 year old? Most of us would be crying for our beds and the comforts of home and family after a week on the road. Imagine 50 years? Hush! I am the #1 Zeppelin fan on this planet but Robert has earned his right to call his musical life. Enjoy what we’re given. Peace!

    • So that’ll explain why Robert (69 still),left just 3 weeks between the end of the U.S your,and the start of the Match Australian dates.At his own pace ? More like ‘Non-stop go’ more like (especially with UK/Europe following on after Australia.
      Needs to take it a little easier – thinking of poor Tom Petty’s punishing schedule last year. Peace !

      • Playing the material on his current set list is like his vacationing on a cruise ship and playing bocce every night. Big deal – he pulls out WLL (with special effects on the vocals!) Seriously……

  11. So the Zep men take Jason’s tour name away from him and want to use it for some odd product we can all purchase in some way. How exciting. How sooooooo reality for 2018. How much of a bummer.

  12. While I won’t hold my breath or even dare to dream of all the wonderful possibilities of a significant moment of recognition, August is the official month they got together after the final Yardbirds gig in July 68. So…maybe Robert will actually make a nod to the significance of the 50th? What would be the “official” or even unofficial date Zep was born? I say that first rehearsal. But some could say it is Sept 7th, the 1st show. So did he realize about August? and thus cxl his tour to do something Zeppish? Every interview says otherwise but…we can hope. C’mon Mr Plant 50 is special

    • Mark Williams | 8th March 2018 at 9:57 am | Reply

      I think Robert will offer a ‘nod’ but won’t be until later into September or October (plus his tour doesn’t finish until August 1st). It’ll be quiet from then until Autumn/Fall.

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