Robert Plant recently met with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones


Robert Plant said in a new interview that he recently met with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

Plant told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that “I had a meeting the other day with the other two chaps from the old band.”

“I thought, ‘Geez, this is it,'” Plant said. “I didn’t see any dragon suits and I didn’t see any bare chests. Very well, John Paul Jones did fall off his chair. But he did it on purpose. They looked good.”

The newspaper asked Plant why he met with his former bandmates. “Because there was nobody else around to hang out with,” he answered. “Please don’t suggest … I wouldn’t leave the Sensational Space Shifters for anybody else. Except for, perhaps, Pink.”

The surviving members of Led Zeppelin meet several times a year to discuss band business, it’s understood. However, this latest meeting comes ahead of the band’s upcoming fiftieth anniversary, for which Page has said he plans to release a new live album.

Plant previously spoke about Led Zeppelin’s upcoming fiftieth anniversary. In an interview with the Australian Daily Telegraph, he said that “there’s a lot of stuff rolling around. It’s a bit like water in the bottom of a paddle boat. But the thing is we didn’t even play together ’til September so we have a couple of months to connect and say, ‘What’s going on?'”

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18 Comments on "Robert Plant recently met with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones"

  1. Mike Pompura M.S. CIS | 8th June 2018 at 2:05 am | Reply

    OK boys – I see it coming. 50 million tickets sold worldwide in less than 1 hour. The lucky few will get stadium/arena seats while others must do with large LED broadcast screens with a live signal sent throughout the world. Who would NOT pay for the 50th anniversary of Stairway. There is some money to be made here chaps. Need a promoter by any chance?

  2. Lelo Craveiro | 8th June 2018 at 2:33 am | Reply

    I would really be happy if Page released an album with the shows in Japan in 1971. It would be fantastic, they are playing at the highest level in these shows and with very interesting repertoire.
    The world deserves to hear the best of them live !!

  3. Please one more Celebration Day, so wouldvwant a ticket.

  4. I think its the responsability of zepelin, to give to the ones who put them o the top, to celebrate the 50th aniversary.
    led zeppelin is a very loved band, and nobody can even think to reach the power and energy those guys has given to all of us al these years.
    no matter what, led zeppelin is led zepelin, even if they stay on stage talking to people, these allready is a wonderful gift.

  5. I think the world deserves one more show, regardless of what RP says. He must be done with the music but fans are not. Yes , is sad that John Bonham is not with us, but like any musician he would’ve like that his music is played and listened to.

  6. There’s such an amount of late 60s and 70s Zeppelin stuff around that it’s devaluing the ‘brand’. Unless any further material is genuinely new and strong, let it be. They already have a well deserved legacy and don’t need to put out new stuff. However, I wouldn’t knock back Earls Court best of though??

  7. Sharon krizan | 8th June 2018 at 12:14 pm | Reply

    You guys should play music together, whether it on stage or in studio. Time is so short and the very important people in your life are precious. My soulmate of 31 yrs passed, we worked together every day. I realize now life is short- don’t waste a moment! You can never get it back!✌?

  8. Jimmy – Please give us “How the East Was Won – Live in Japan 1971”

  9. Robert Plant I don’t know if you realize the legacy a reunion tour would leave not only your current fans but a whole new generation of fans you would create if they only had the chance to see you guys live! Your lives are nearing the end. Do this for the ages my good man.

  10. Miles Needham | 9th June 2018 at 8:37 am | Reply

    Jimmy doesn’t play anymore, so no gig in the offing, but how bout something predating the Gonzaga show from late December 1968? This is the earliest bootleg, maybe JP has tapes of prior shows???

  11. Judith Phipps | 10th June 2018 at 9:40 am | Reply

    O would love to see and,hear and feel a teunion with Jason Bonham on drums!! For a great cause! Forxthreexworthy causes thatare favorites with the band members!! Teenage Cancer findingca cure, saving refugees, a third willows Animal Sanctuary! An even split!! I would,definitely try to attend.Also, I would,peomote for them onlinexas usual. Ahmet Ertigen scholorshipcwasxa great,causexas,well when they reunited,before!!

  12. Mark Williams | 11th June 2018 at 8:57 pm | Reply

    Typical of Robert to tease like this (especially ahead of his next leg of solo touring just commenced which goes through until end October). It is likely that there will be some sort of collaboration,beyond just the 50th anniversary book,but that not likely until well into 2019,at which stage Jimmy,then 75,might find it difficult to be ‘seen playing guitar’ (just look at output in last 18 years – one full gig).

  13. Maybe they could do a 50th anniversary show at the Kingdome again……oh yeah that was destroyed and replaced years ago 😉

    I would let the 3 Zeppelins play here on my 5 acres

  14. Saw Zeppelin in 1977. Atlanta, GA. Have a recorded session from 2007 from London with Jason Bonham on drums. Great memories of these musicians. Still listen and rock to these guys.

  15. Great Scott Robert tore a n 800 million dollar contract they don’t need the money but it would be nice to see em

  16. Here we are in 2022, so for the 50th anniversary… they released……a….. skateboard. Sure wanted one instead of a live concert CD/BluRay or a reunion show.
    HOWEVER the Bonzo bio BEAST is THE best LZ book ever

  17. I never got to see led Zeppelin poform I was born in 64 I heard my first song it was black dog my brother had on a 8 track God those were the days there is just not good music aney more

  18. William C Thayer | 11th December 2022 at 10:19 pm | Reply

    Too bad they didn’t add Jason Bonham maybe 5 years later and get back to it……way too late now unless it was just studio since I really doubt Plant can do much more than a goin’ to California type song.

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