Work on Led Zeppelin’s fiftieth anniversary book is ‘almost complete’


Work on Led Zeppelin’s official photo book to celebrate the band’s fiftieth anniversary in 2018 is “almost complete,” according to a tweet sent by Jimmy Page’s account on Friday.

The photograph included shows John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page with a manuscript of the book. The official Led Zeppelin account said that the meeting took place in May.

It looks like the photo is of a band meeting that Robert Plant talked about in a recent interview. Plant told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that “I had a meeting the other day with the other two chaps from the old band.”

“I thought, ‘Geez, this is it,’” Plant said. “I didn’t see any dragon suits and I didn’t see any bare chests. Very well, John Paul Jones did fall off his chair. But he did it on purpose. They looked good.”

The newspaper asked Plant why he met with his former bandmates. “Because there was nobody else around to hang out with,” he answered. “Please don’t suggest … I wouldn’t leave the Sensational Space Shifters for anybody else. Except for, perhaps, Pink.”

The surviving members of Led Zeppelin meet several times a year to discuss band business, it’s understood. However, this latest meeting comes ahead of the band’s upcoming fiftieth anniversary, for which Page has said he plans to release a new live album.

Plant previously spoke about Led Zeppelin’s upcoming fiftieth anniversary. In an interview with the Australian Daily Telegraph, he said that “there’s a lot of stuff rolling around. It’s a bit like water in the bottom of a paddle boat. But the thing is we didn’t even play together ’til September so we have a couple of months to connect and say, ‘What’s going on?’”

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  1. Same old same old nothing.
    Page needs to get on with some new music or announce retirement. Sick again & ten years gone since a promise of getting in the studio but I suppose that’s the way he does things,heartbreaker.After his food friends death surely he has time for tea for one.

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