Robert Plant has been showing his support for Ukraine while on tour

Robert Plant Saving Grace
(YouTube/Bill Harris)

Robert Plant has been indicating his support for Ukraine while on tour in the UK with Saving Grace by attaching bows in the colours of the country’s flag to his microphone stand.

Photographs and videos from the first two shows of Saving Grace’s UK tour show Plant and fellow Saving Grace band member Suzi Dian both had the bows attached to their microphone stands.

The UK tour kicked off in Bexhill, England on April 8 when Saving Grace performed at the De La Warr Pavilion.

Photographs from the tour’s opening night show Plant and Dian both prominently displayed yellow and blue bows on their microphone stands, seemingly a message of support for Ukraine. The country’s flag is blue and yellow horizontal stripes.

The bows were also present in videos and photographs taken on the second night of the tour in Folkestone, England on April 10.

This isn’t the first time that Plant has sent a subtle message. He had the words “wander” and “lust” written on the inside and outside of his left hand when he appeared on “The One Show” on BBC One in the UK on November 18.

Robert Plant
Robert Plant on The One Show
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