Robert Plant performed with Alison Krauss, Duane Eddy and James Burton

Robert Plant
Robert Plant on The One Show

Robert Plant performed “Can’t Let Go” with Alison Krauss, Duane Eddy and James Burton in a performance specially recorded for The One Show and broadcast on November 18 on BBC One.

Plant appeared in person on the BBC show while Krauss joined via video call. Krauss told The One Show hosts that she and Plant are planning on touring in June 2022. LedZepNews previously reported that a UK and European tour is on the cards.

The special performance of “Can’t Let Go,” a song that appears on Plant and Krauss’ new album, includes well-known guitarists Eddy and Burton, who Plant previously mentioned he had been recording with.

It appears that the special performance may have been the session with Eddy and Burton that Plant referred to in an interview with The New York Times published earlier this month.

A clip from the interview is available to watch on Twitter:

The full One Show section is available to watch on BBC iPlayer from 25:39 at this link.

Here’s a mystery: Why did Plant appear to have “wander lust” written on both the inside and outside of his left hand during the interview? He seemed to make a point of showing the message to the television cameras while he was speaking.

“Wanderlust” is a phrase associated with Plant after a 2017 Guardian interview.

Plant also mentioned the word in on-stage remarks he gave during Led Zeppelin’s February 10, 1975 performance in Maryland: “Well apart from the new ones, we do of course, have some albums that came out in previous years, and this is a track from one of them. It relates to the wanderlust we’ve been having from the travelling around to the different countries of the world, and the fact that all the different people, that we meet from the different countries, Thailand, and Hong Kong, Kuwait, and all sorts of places, we always find that relatively, in the end that, through all the barriers, the social barriers, even for our friend in the second row who’s asleep with his arms folded, ‘The Song Remains the Same.'”

You can watch the performance below on YouTube:

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  1. ALFREDO MARZIANO | 19th November 2021 at 9:23 am | Reply

    Who’s the guy playing lead guitar?

  2. What song remains the same, and for who ? The “Less is More” doesn’t apply to music. If any music from any period is just made for singers, it’s too boring. And that’s what this sort of music is.

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